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  1. Booker was great and I liked him before he became a commentator.

    He's old now and I don't think he gots what it takes anymore. :angle:
  2. Booker T was cool especially as a heel.
  3. Big fan of Booker. Especially "King Booker".

    He's still a great wrestler for his age, and is in great shape. Tires easily now though, which is understandable.
  4. Booker is in amazing condition when you factor in his age and minimum amount of in ring action since the rumble. He seems a bit slower in ring obviously but he's still no slouch. I must admit I'm a big fan of his commentary also his randomness provides great comedic relief whilst putting the wrestlers over, a trait which seems to be sorely missed amongst wwe commentators generally.
  5. Completely agree. He makes Cole good too, they both get at each others throats but Booker's random outbursts are hilarious.

    As for in the ring, he can still wrestle very well, better than a lot backstage, but if you watch this SmackDown towards the end you see him tire. Naturally at his age.
  6. I think Booker needs to knock Rhodes out and send him to the hospital. Then he will truly make an impact for himself currently.
  7. Lol Booker is old, he doesn't need to beat Rhodes. Rhodes should win to push himself as a main-eventer.
  8. What? His Commentary is the funniest thing ever! He's so good at it and I remember his lines like, "OH MA GOODNESS, AHHH SHUCKY DUCKY QUACK QUACK! or DATS MA BOI, HE'S ON MA FAVE FIVE! (With like 30 people on it.)
  9. He came bacK?
  10. Yep. Left TNA last year, returned to the Royal Rumble and was seen actively as a commentator last year.
  11. He's been back, as a commentator on SmackDown, and partially as an athlete against Rhodes.
  12. Booker was an unbelievable superstar, until that king Booker persona, that was awful, As a commentator, he is over excited I'd say, and does need to learn the trade, as I always hear him chat during a vital part that is meant to be quiet. BTW did anyone hear Mark Henry on commentary this week, I laughed my ass off at him
  13. Mark Henry was great, haven't been that impressed since Punk went on commentary. Cole sold everything he said well. "Cole you want me to come over there and take yo' head off", "No sir..". Epic.
  14. I disagree, Booker's excitement on commentary is a pleasant change, a change that I welcome very much. It's just exciting to hear someone like Booker, when on Monday's we're stuck with the charisma-sucking lazy ass Jerry Lawler.
  15. Personally, I love Booker T in TNA and I think his commentary is great. His matches with Rhodes are kinda iffy but hey, he's Booker effn T.
  16. TNA? He's in WWE :loved:. Or did you mean you loved him when he was in TNA?
  17. Chet Lemon and Black Snow were hilarious in TNA.
  18. Great guy. Knew him all the way from the WCW days. Excellent competitor.

    Would love to go up against him again.
  19. Sounds good Goldberg.

    Anyone else want Booker on RAW?
  20. Well, now that RAW abd SmackDown are supershows, he technically is on RAW... and SmackDown. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: