Booking a way for Corbin to get his briefcase back

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by C.M. Shaddix, Aug 17, 2017.

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  1. Ok, so alongside the fail, which I thought was good, I do have a proposition for Corbin if they want to book a way for him to get a new MITB briefcase. I invite others to give ideas.

    So here is how it goes

    Shane McMahon hears Baron out that Cena provided a distraction, but Shane will also take note of something else, if he gives Baron a match to earn a new MITB case, he is not being fair to CENA. why? Because let us not forget, in 2012, John Cena lost his MITB cash in too because of an interference from Big Show. Shane brings this to the table and now both Cena and Corbin have reasons to compete against each other for a new MITB briefcase. Pretty standard idea and Corbin will win somehow.

  2. Win it back at next years MitB. He was the idiot who decided to turn his back on the champion AFTER the bell rung. He could've beat Cena a little then cashed in but that would've made too much sense. Baron lost his cash in to give his match with Cena some heat and he'll probably lose that match as well.
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  3. Meh, I don't want him to get it back, I was never hot on him having it in the first place. Him losing the briefcase was a good call, now let's see what they do with it
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  4. Nah, they're not going to have him reclaim the MITB contract 'cause he'll probably defeat Cena at SummerSlam and we all know Cena has a losing streak at SummerSlam. But, I guess we'll see.
  5. They already did the "take it away and then give back" MitB story with Carmella...

    Corbin will forever wear his failed cash in attempt like a dunce hat.

    It was so simple...

    Take the Strowman booking on RAW...and then have Corbin booked the same
    way on SmackDown for 6 to 8 months and then have him cash in on a new face
    champion and piss on everyone's parade.

    Too late for that now...and if his SummerSlam match doesn't work out...I doubt
    it will be Cena's fault.

    This has happened plenty of times before...the WWE "gets high" on some big
    guy and suddenly the smell turns bad and they ditch them and bury them.

    I wanted Corbin to succeed...but once again the WWE pushed someone too far
    too fast and then hangs them out to dry.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Corbin is back in NXT by the end of the year.
  6. The idea would work but I think WWE realized that a Baron Corbin title run in this stage of his career would be a bust. He's still too green. They should of let him hold the IC title when he faced Dean at Mania for awhile. He could of tested the waters as a champion before jumping straight into being THE top guy. Best move now would be let him take the US title from AJ. That way he can get some experience with a belt and AJ can move onto where he belong, in the WWE championship main event scene.
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  7. I've had enough of all the weird guy/vanilla midgets WWE has been patrolling out as champion.

    Mahal is a geek and Corbin is the no bullsh*t type necessary to breathe new life into the brand. If Corbin became a bust it would be because WWE elected to dress him in a suit for no reason at all whatsoever.

    WWE is so thirsty for attention they would Corbin dress in a suit, lower the timbre of his voice all to make him more appealling and presentable to the neutered WWE universe
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  8. Corbin has all the right things going for him except for his mic skills are garbage. I'm hopefully he comes around, like how Reigns did. Where everything doesn't sound so cheesy and scripted
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  9. True, but its nice to have a pure a**hole around.

    I'll take subpar Mic skills if he continues to just wreck sh*t and not give a f*ck.
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    If Roman's mic skills against Cena are indication of him "coming around"
    then I think Corbin should aim for a higher skill level that that.

    Or they could book Corbin exactly like this and
    play to his strengths. Just have Corbin be a violent
    asshole wrecking everyone's shit and build him up
    with a winning streak until hes ready for a spot higher
    on the card.

    Speaking of Corbin & Reigns...has anyone noticed
    that they are essentially the same character apart
    from one is booked as a face and one is booked
    as a heel...or am I the only one who sees that?
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    The more successful Roman Reigns becomes the more likely it is they replicate this particular formula.

    John Cena set the tone for acts such as The New Day, The Usos (as faces) and Sheamus (when he, too, was a babyface) who walked out to the ring with the sole purpose of making people smile.

    Reigns (and Ambrose) have changed this dynamic into a more brass knuckles type of environment. You'll see more Braun Strowman's and Baron Corbin's because these are the talents HHH has been hiring lately.
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