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    What to you are your biggest booking mistakes of this past year?

    Mine would be The CM Punk/ Heyman feud. It feels like they did it backwards, starting with lesnar. Shouldn't had it begun with Axel, progressed to Ryback, and ultimately ended with Lesnar?

    Can you think of any others? Or do you disagree with mine? If so post below and let me know
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  2. yes it would of been so much better if went the other way round we could of been anticipating punk v lesnar now in a hiac match if they did

    Ziggler should of reclaimed his title imo
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  3. Cool thread. I agree on Punk/Heyman being backwards but I have a feeling they were kinda forced to do so because I think they want Brock to always work Summerslam because it's a big PPV and all. As the chav said, yeah, Ziggler was also a bad booking mistake. He should've won the belt back at some point and not just vanished like he did, this is pathetic (he hasn't been on TV for a few weeks iirc). Um... the main storyline being all about Big Show atm is also a pretty bad idea, even if now he's starting to get a bit more bearable. He doesn't need all of this spotlight and should be putting young guys over (I'm sure that's not on him though).
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  4. Great thread. Maybe, just maybe, they're building to Punk/Lesnar II at Survivor Series... wait, they have to pay it off at Hell in a Cell. Never mind.

    Mine is definitely Sting getting the title shot at Slammiversary. It was time to pull the trigger on Morgan or Styles (yeah they booked themselves in a corner there but fans come to expect TNA storylines not making sense, may as well use it in their favor), and the Aces never recovered from Sting's initial beatdown. Three storylines ruined by one booking decision to book a match nobody wanted to see.
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  5. Bray Wyatt. The man is an excellent character. But, the fued with Kane went nowhere. At SS, it was half the match that it was hyped to be. Then, Kane was written off. They had Bray go against jobbers. But, the reason he hasn't gone after any major guys is because all the title holders were heel and the major faces were in fueds. He came in at a bad time because of the beginning of "The Authority" storyline. They better pick up his career ball and knock it outta the park.
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  6. Ziggler not winning the title at/after MITB. I still believe Del Rio should have won at Payback but Ziggler should have went after the title especially since the MITB match didn't end clean.

    Ryback being pushed.

    Not pushing Rhodes Vs Sandow, They shouldn't have ended the feud there, I still think they should have pushed it more and end with Rhodes winning the briefcase in a ladder match Vs Sandow.

    Axel being pushed, We were all hyped when he was pushed but the guy is so damn bland, He has no character.

    Shield winning the titles, They don't need em and add nothing to them, They have just been booked against random people since then.
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  7. This is going to be pretty unpopular...

    Punk should have won the WWE Championship match at Royal Rumble and gone on to face John Cena for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania, where Cena would have finally beaten him for it. There were other ways to get the Rock on television (you could have made him the Undertaker's opponent at Mania, for example) and push his movies while still maintaining the credibility of your main event stars. Having Rocky come in and beat Punk was be like having Troy Aikman come back into the NFL and quarterback the Cowboys to a Super Bowl win over Peyton Manning and the's just not very realistic. Luckily, Punk was capable of putting on a terrific match against the Undertaker after an unusual feud (due mainly to the death of Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle).

    I also agree that there should have been something for Bray Wyatt and his Family to do post-Kane feud. It just feels like they're twisting in the wind at this point.

    Ziggler should have gotten his shot at regaining the World Heavyweight Championship, especially before RVD got his shot at it.

    I can understand why Rhodes-Sandow was cut short only if we eventually see a Rhodes-Sandow feud over the World Heavyweight Championship. Those two have great in-ring chemistry and would put on a tremendous feud that people would really enjoy seeing.

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  8. ^Really good call Waco, but still think they should have just done the triple-threat at 'Mania. Would have been a better story, much better match, something we wouldn't be dreading going in...
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  9. also dragging out lesnar and trips for as long as they did if they had good matches then fair enough but they weren't that great
  10. From a technical standpoint, you're right. But they were getting the audience into the feud. You gotta take the bad with the good.

  11. Rock winning the belt was something that will annoy me forever, indeed.
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  12. In retrospect it bugs me, but at the time I was just enjoying him being there. I wish he would have fully committed himself to the "e", before they went ahead and gave him the title. I'm talking wrestling at live events, and not just showing up for promos(or sometimes not at all)
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  13. Everything that happened with Ziggler after the face turn. Fuck
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  14. I think they should have gave the WHC to Ziggler a bit early, and not have AJ by his side.

    I think that Lesnar should have fought Undertaker at Wrestlemania instead of Punk.

    Rhodes vs Sandow should have extended to a feud for the WHC belt(with successful cash in from Sandow of course).
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  15. I think the worst booking mistake was Ziggler. It's still hard to believe how badly they fucked that up.
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  16. - Just about anything revolving around the World title. Ziggler's reign was horrid and all of the feuds around it have had little to no build up.

    - The Rock winning the WWE title,we saw the title less than we do now and it's currently being held by no body.

    - The Punk/Heyman feud. Like everybody has basically said,it should've started with Axel and Ryback then ended with Lesnar,not the other way around.

    - The Rhodes/Sandow feud. It was pretty darn good but it got little to no TV time and it just sort-of ended abruptly.

    - Ryback being the new Paul Heyman guy. God,that was flat out horrible. They had so much build up for it,Heyman even went down to NXT and teased it being a developmental wrestler. It would've been a good time to bring somebody up,but, what did they do? Choose Ryback instead. A guy who's only good contributions so far were his bully segments backstage.

    - Part of The Authority storyline. The storyline had a chance to produce a new main eventer along with Bryan,but, who do they choose? They choose Big Show,god what a horrid choice.
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  17. From WWE's point of view, why push Ziggler? They keep screwing him over time and time again, and we all still love the guy. Is there as much money in jobber Ziggler as in main event Ziggler?
    • Mark Henry tapping out to Cena
    • Not giving Bully Ryback a title
    • Not taking the belts off the Shield
    • Curtis Axel being the new Paul Heyman guy

    There are so much more on the list but I forgot due to my anger towards this year.
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  18. This. i was so fucking butthurt when Sting got the notion and Matt Morgan just faded away, mid-feud with Hogan FFS.

    Ziggler losing, ADR's 2 week face turn should have ended with him losing the belt soon after and going back to the shit heel they love him to be.

    Wyatt family shit, it just hasnt been as smooth as i would have liked it to be.

    I will tell you one thing WWE has done right. RVD hasnt won a title or really much of anything. Gotta give credit there, i expected him to be shitting all over my tv twice a week 2-3 weeks a month.
  19. In my opinion it was a terrible decision for Daniel Bryan to win the WWE title via fast count. Although I'm a Daniel Bryan mark, all odds should be against Daniel Bryan as the underdog/heel in the situation and it was way to fast in the story line to have him win it back the month after he lost it/the story line started. To me it kind of ruined the story line a little after he won and it just got of boring after that. It also really killed the excitement/anticipation for when Daniel finally wins the WWE title legit and comes out on top of this whole Corporation story line.
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