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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Step 1: Cena wins MITB
    Step 2: Bryan wins the WWE Championship
    Step 3: Cena cashes in on Bryan

    Something might happen to Bryan after he wins, like AJ low blowing him or something, or he might just be celebrating and Cena comes out to bury him with a single fireman's carry. The cash in might happen on Raw, but just note that Cena will be the one who has the belt at the 1000th Raw.

    It will be hilarious to see all the DB marks rage.
  2. Deffinitely so he and Rock can confront each other. :dawg:
  3. No because Cena will fail because AJ would interfere.
  4. Step 4: The fans in the crowd rage. Vince tells Lawler to talk up how much they love it.
    Step 5: He then talks up Tout and Twitter, completely oblivious to the IWC's existence and that most wrestling fans sho would bother voicing their opinions will send a cyber-tsunami of hate in his direction.
    Step 6: In an effort to get the listless adult fans back behind Cena, WWE has their Superman defeat Rhodes and Ziggler in a handicap match. Fans rage.

    Continue the chain?
  5. Step 7: D'Z threatens to stop watching Raw
    Step 8: Cena vs Rock for the Title is announced for Summerslam
    Step 9: D'Z continues to bitch
  6. Bookmarked.

    If you're wrong then this will be the most hilarious thing ever and I'll never let you go. Sadly I totally this happening.
  7. But I will laugh my ass off if all of this does not happen! :terry:
  8. would be funny if this did happen :true:
  9. But Bork Laser will defeat Dribble Aych, then he will become double double E champean after he beats Jawn Seenaw. Then The Fock can fight Bork Laster for the title.
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  10. If this happens I'll be one of the marks to rage.
  11. Actually, I could see Daniel Bryan winning the belt only for Rock to beat him on the 1000th Raw in less than a minute, then be challenged by Cena at Summerslam so Cena can get his win over the Rock.
  12. Isn't Rock leaving right after RAW to go and film "Fast 6"?
  13. I always assumed he never meant he would stick around and defend it. Just win it one last time to say he did, then vacant it.
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