Books or comics you'd like to see adapted to film or TV

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  1. Simple. Is there any kind of book series, comic book or other story that you'd like to see adapted into either film or TV?

    Personally, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series would be wonderful as a TV series. In the right hands and with the right company backing it with funding it could easily rival Game of Thrones. It's a deep and well laid out world full of lore, history and interesting, deep and flawed characters to focus on. The series of books are up in 14 books now that it is over so there is obviously a lot of material to work off. With three main characters and multiple major characters you could go so many ways with episodes and focus on particular characters and their stories. It's a dark, realistic but at the same time fantastical world that I would love to see on the screen. If done right of course.
  2. Oh you, people don't read.
  3. Then they are missing out on something. :dawg:
  5. Nevermind Kobe.

    But the fact that people, kids and youths in particular read less is sad. I'm only 22 but I read tons as a kid. Previously mentioned Wheel of Time series, Lord of the Rings, the farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb, the Belgariad, Gemmel's books. I devoured anything that was fantasy basically and I credit a lot of my ability to learn easily and mental capacity to reading actively.
  6. I want a She-Hulk Jaded movie.
  7. Batman: The Killing Joke. I have zero idea why they haven't adapted this story yet, and I really hope they do soon. Mark Hamill has even said he'd come out of retirement (of voice acting Joker) if that were to happen. It'd be awesome.

    The second one that immediately jumps to mind is the manga 20th Century Boys by Naoki Urasawa. Naoki Urasawa is my favorite mangaka's and one of my favorite writers in general, and while I don't honestly care if 20th Century Boys ever gets an anime adaptation (and it won't), I love his stories so I'd jump at the chance to watch it one more time. I do wonder how the music would be handled, yes the manga is titled off that T-Rex song and they do "play it" (while it's obvious why I put quotations, I want to point out that the manga actually does have music, two versions of a song called Bob Lennon, you got a free CD with the song on it if you bought the right volume, which I think is awesome) during the story so I wonder if they could get the rights. Technically, I could check that out because I'm kind of cheating with this one. 20th Century Boys did get a film adaption, a live-action trilogy was made which I never seen but I just never think it's a good idea to take a story of this magnitude and condense into three two hour films. I can't imagine that ended well and even if it did, I'm not a movie guy and would much rather have it adapted as an anime.

    Oh, and on the topic of Naoki Urasawa, my favorite of his work and what is considered his magnum opus based off half of his fanbase, Monster, is getting a live-action Tv series on HBO which I have high hopes for. I loved the anime and I loved the manga (granted, they're essentially the same thing, very little differences between actual versions). Hoping they don't take many liberties with it, they really isn't much need to. Monster's arguably better suited for a live-action adaption than an animated one. Actually, I hope if the liberties they take with it aren't going to be stupid ones, maybe they'll fix that one big problem I had with the series (an early plot point). Whatever they do, I hope they just don't add a bunch of random sex scenes like my friend says they will.

    But yeah, The Killing Joke definitely should really be adapted.

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  9. Is that a real thing???
  10. Yeah, one of Chyna's movies.

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  12. That is now going to haunt me for the rest of today, god damn it :annoyed:
  13. One of my favourite pieces of art from any comic:

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  15. I'd like to see "think of a number" as a film. Yeah, I do read! :angry:
  16. The Long Walk by Richard Bachman aka Stephen King. Frank Darabont bought the rights, guy who did Walking Dead, Shawshank, Green Mile so hope it gets made as its a great read and really intense as it goes along. U really care for the characters.
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