Books you're reading or read recently

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Extraterrestrial, Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. Post them here.

    Trance Formation of America just arrived in the mail, about to start reading this as soon as I get to bed.

    Also found Psychiatrists - The Men Behind Hitler (The Architects of Horror) in my closet which I've planed on reading for a while, but I keep getting distracted and haven't gotten around to it. It's also kinda long, so that's probably why.
  2. Currently reading Out of Sight. Only watched the movie and read the book a long time ago. So doing that again. Also, finished Of Mice and Men.
  3. The Rum Diary - Hunter S. Thompson. Just finished about 3 weeks ago. Good read, it's considered his worst, and I still enjoyed it.
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  4. Reading Who's The Daddy its about Big Daddy who revolutionised british wrestling, its gotten really good reviews.
  5. GF sent me a pdf for "The Occult Anatomy of Man" (pretty short, so I read it since I can't fucking sleep) and I have to say, it's pretty fucking interesting if you read it with an open mind.
  6. Absolutely destroying Sudden Terror. Decent book, incredibly fucked up human being/serial killer, never caught. GSK aka Ear/ONS story.
  7. I've been reading a fairly new comic book series called Invincible Universe. The characters seem to be well-developed and the villain characters are pretty intense. I recommend it for my fellow nerds out there that like comic books :obama:
  8. Past week or so.

  9. The Bible. Hated it.
  10. Considering buying it :dawg:
  11. Rocked out fear and loathing, the first Game of Thrones book, and re-read Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential since Sudden terror - which was long ago.

    Reading this book on revelations my grandma wanted me to check out (she and i bought have similar interests in random books so i'm doing it more for conversation purposes) and it's decent so far. Really overstated stuff, but interesting topic nonetheless. Waiting for the 2nd book here soon.
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  12. What book is that exactly? My kinda stuff :happy:
  13. haha it's some pastor - Title is Revelation by Wayne Mueller? I love that apocalyptic shit tbh, I love all the conspiracies on revelation and if John was tripping balls or demented and all that nonsense.
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  14. lol reading.
  15. I've been reading The Wise Man Fears by Patrick Rothfuss recently; it's the second book in his Kingkiller Chronicle.
  16. Reading Ender's Game...not a bad book so far.
  17. Recently read 11/22/63 by Stephen King for the 3rd time, I need to read about 3 or 4 more books from the Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz to finish that.. going to reread the Marvel Encyclopedia and DC Encyclopedia again, and then of course I have my weekly comic books to read.
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