Boom period?

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  1. Anyone else feel like this could be a boom period for WWE? The talent on the roster is insane and the last few weeks it's looked like they'll appeal to both casual and hardcore fans. I mean Ambrose, Rollins, Nakamura, Zayn, Owens, New Day, Ceasro, AJ, AA, Samoa Joe, Paige, Bayley, Balor, Charlotte and that's not even half the talent atm. Then we have established people like Ziggler, Cena, The Dudleys, Nattie, ADR etc.... seriously. What is going on.
  2. Will take more than a stacked roster to start another boom period. Takes the right characters, storylines, and an overall cultural shift in it's perception of wrestling to really jump-start momentum where everything becomes insanely hot again. There's a lot of different uncontrollable variables involved. The Ruthless Aggression Era was full of as much if not more talent than we have now, but we know that was when everything simmered back down to normal again after the collapse of the Attitude Era.

    Nobody on the roster strikes me as someone who can capture the public's imagination to the point where wrestling becomes the cool thing to watch again.
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  3. See I can only judge from my perspective but I know that recently KO t shirts have been popping up a lot in Manchester, An as for the roster Zayn can make that bubble pop as can KO. This roster seems more wrestling stacked than the AE roster to me. Don't get me wrong that was huge roster but it was more charisma and mic work that got those guys over. However now I feel it's a wrestling era.
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    I totally got thinking the same thing earlier today. I've been watching the 'Monday night wars' episodes on the network the past few days and get this overwhelming feeling of THIS is why I loved wrestling. Then when the episode ends, it's an empty feeling of 'its all in the past. This was 20 years ago'.

    I agree it's entering a more wrestling driven era, but you also need good story lines to coincide with that.

    I can't see ANY 9f the current roster being able to make thewwe as mainstream as it once was. But you never know. See the way I see it, it wasn't about 'people in the 90s wanted to see that' it's more like our human nature wants action and excitement. We want to see shorter action packed matches we want to see things get destroyed. We want all these things, but they're scared of losing sponsors and shit. Anyays time to get back to work haha
  5. Random sidenote: It's definitely a boom period for the indies. It's easier to find shows from so many more companies, as their social media presence grows and plenty of top wrestling voices love to spread the word of more than just WWE.

    Heck Raw has 2 storylines going right now based on ROH/NJPW history! Can't wait for John Morrison to return in 2017 to talk to Ricochet about that awesome handshake in the Temple.
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