Boss Adrian Neville/PAC

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. Makes Gravity his bottom bitch. :dawg:

    "Welcome to British Airways. Get ready for turbulence."
  2. I should really start watching NXT.
  3. You should. There aren't that many episodes so you could catch up over a weekend.
  4. It's too time consuming for me.
    So even if I watched one episode per day, I wouldn't be able to get far even though it's one hour.
    Plus in Canada NXT airs the same time as TNA. :upset:
    But will watch a few episodes right now cause I'm doing nothing.
  5. I watch it Thursday afternoons since it airs on Wednesdays internationally and it thus is findable online by then.
  6. Actually, they might have moved NXT on Wednesdays here. Will have to confirm with Senhor or just the site.
    Watching an episode right now.
    Pray to god Jinder isn't on it.
  7. And Jinder is on it. :facepalm:
  8. Market out for the Corkscrew SSP. I normally try to remember moves' names, but when I saw it a first I was like... :damn: :obama: Neville is awesome, looking forward to the rest of his WWE run.
  9. It's name on the indys was British Airways.
  10. Great name. If he botches it, can we call it American Airlines? :lol1:
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  11. I'd call it Ryan Air if he botched.
  12. :dawg:
  13. Re: RE: Boss Adrian Neville/PAC

    Poor Albin
  14. Also I wonder if they'd let him hit a poisoned frankensteiner, I doubt it but still.
  15. Incredible.
  16. :sad:
  17. I doubt that they'd let him use the poisoned frankensteiner considering it involves spiking someone's head pretty hard in the mat. Stoked for the British Airways though.
  18. Re: RE: Boss Adrian Neville/PAC

    I guess they would let Bryan take it, possibly Rollins too. Timing is awkward though, also Generico can take it beautifully.
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