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Raw Women’s title match

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Sasha Banks

The time for the Lacey Evanses of the division is over. I hope you’ve taken the time to stock up on potions and buffs, Becky Lynch, because this time it’s a Boss fight.

The Road to Clash of Champions

At the start of 2019, things were looking up for Sasha Banks.

After being embroiled in a love/hate competition with her best friend Bayley for much of 2018, the duo was able to set aside their differences and form a tag team. They teamed up with Natalya to defeat the Riott Squat at Evolution, and Banks would capitalize on that momentum to earn a match at the Royal Rumble against Ronda Rousey.

She lost. And just like that, her momentum and place on the card crumbled to pieces. Banks had to settle for pairing up with Bayley once again to win the Womens Tag Team Championships, but even that prestige was fleeting. They lost to the IIconics at WrestleMania, and Banks disappeared without a trace.

There were rumors and reports, of course; some reported that she threw a tantrum backstage and wanted to quit. She cancelled a talk show appearance abruptly and was gone from the wrestling scene until nearly a month ago. As Natalya had a vulnerable moment in the ring talking about her own match with Becky Lynch, Banks reemerged at long last.

It’s a version of Banks that we haven’t seen in a long, long time. Lynch shot back the following week, claiming that Banks needed to be goaded into pursuing greatness. Seems simple, right? The motivations on each side are clear. Let’s have ourselves a match.

Leave it to Bayley to turn heel, however, to throw everything to chaos.

There’s a problem with everything Lynch is saying to Banks: everything she accuses Banks of could be said to Bayley as well. Banks is the greatest female wrestler to never be great? Well Bayley’s been in the same boat for nearly two years, Lynch. Becky sling-shot past both Bayley and Banks on her way to the top; goodness knows that can’t sit well with either of them.

Bayley, bless her heart, has tried to act like she’s still in this for the good of all. She’s simply trying to elevate the SmackDown women’s division with her actions! Well Bayley will have her own fight at Clash of Champions; and the outcome of that match could drastically change the optics of Banks vs. Lynch.

What’s at stake?

Ohhh nothing much. A friendship. The Four Horsewomen’s reputation. The biggest women’s championship in WWE. No biggie.

Sasha Banks has been a catalyst for all four of these women; her return has shaken the storylines for both the Raw and SmackDown Womens Championships.

If you want to know what’s at stake, I’d watch the video above. Lynch said that she wants the “best, most aggressive version of everyone.” Well, it’s undeniable that this version of Sasha Banks is exactly that.

You got what you wanted, Lynch. Can you handle the Boss fight?

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