Boston suspect’s acquaintance was unarmed when shot dead by FBI last week

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  1. want to move to Canada with me?

  2. I'd be down, but it's only a matter of time 'till the same shit happens in Canadia.
  3. nah man everything in Canada is wayyyyyy more relaxed than our shithead government
  4. Wait, what part of Canada are the Canadians from? CM Punk ? Senhor Perfect ?

    I'd prefer something more West coast like Vancouver
  5. Vancouver's weather is nice. Although, both of us are from Toronto. (I'm somewhat outside of it.)
    But it's still pretty nice here.
  6. :sad: darn 'Merica always messing things up..

    *packs bags & boats up to Canada*
  7. About time you guys all came here.
    inb4 all you americans fuck up Canada.

  8. Toronto seems aight but I'd much rather stay on the West coast
  9. I have a feeling Mexico, US, and Canada will eventually merge into one giant swamp in which case, we would all be screwed...

  10. Vancouver is more of a relaxed place though.
  11. I really think I'll wind up living in Vancouver eventually. Seems like where I belong
  12. I'm assuming you'll head back to the states for your sports broadcasting thing.
    Or else you'd have to deal with Sports Center here or The Score. Although with The Score, you can discuss rasslin.
    WTF? The score hasn't uploaded any episodes.
    Anyways, here.
  13. The guy was killed in cold blood. He had finished his interview, they knew he was unarmed but for some reason when he leaves an agent pulls out a gun and shoots him in the head?

    The Boston Bombing cover up is fucking terrible, you'd have to be retarded not to see that the government is behind this in some way, whether its them just trying to create fear or them just allowing it to happen. They claimed to be tracking the 2 brothers for months before the bombings yet they couldn't stop it? Fuck the American Government. Murdering in cold blood is fine for them and they do it in the masses yet one person murders another for a more legit reason and they get sentenced to death? Fuck this world.
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  14. It's all Sh*t. he admitted he did it, but then when his mommie walks in he's like "Nah, mum i didn't do it!"
  15. Who admitted they did it? The 2 brothers? How could they have admitted that when the only time they were in custody neither could talk and both ended up dead?
  16. They didn't both die, in fact the younger brother is now walking. The younger brother admitted. So let me guess the Government just felt like making an IED becuase?
  17. To create fear within the country. Watch. Watch and watch history repeat itself. Adolf Hitler made good speeches to.

    And I thought the younger brother died, well anyway you tell me, how did the brothers both have NO injuries when arrested but they suddenly have injuries after it, one gets shot in the throat and the other one is killed after it being shown him in handcuffs?

    This world is pitiful and humans never learn. Just watch history repeat itself.
  18. Leo C I'm moving to Brazil with you. Lets have a party :happy:
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