Botch Cara strikes again

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Aug 11, 2012.

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  1. Botch Cara if you hurt Dolph I will punt you in the dick.

  2. Not really sure what smiley I should react with. Let's just say Sin Cara is a dangerous worker and we don't want Ziggler injured at the moment, although that's really not likely.
  3. Cara can't help it all of his opponents are just too damn slow. Cara is a beast performer. Take Rey Mysterio in his prime, and triple that.. Then you get Sin Cara.
  4. What do you expect he has his fucking eyes covered -.-
  5. I won't blame Cara completely. There are lots of aspects that lead to his current state. First, he was taken off Mexico while not being able to speak English. Second, didn't spend one day in FCW adapting to the WWE style. Third, he was used to working with mostly high flyers in CMLL and now he works with guys who work with a very different style most of the time. Him and Ziggler just don't mesh together for example.
  6. So Dolph has been pretty much faultless except when Cara is involved...yet he is to blame?

    Cara is a dangerous worker, end of.
  7. Sin Cara needs to be taken away from WWE for a while. They need to get him adapted to the WWE style by personal training for a few months. Then after that, send him to something like NXT or FCW. If Sin Cara keeps fucking up, eventually someone is going to get hurt, and I don't blame Sin Cara as much as I blame WWE. WWE knows that he isn't use to their style yet, and yet they continue to throw him into matches. Someone is going to get hurt, possibly a broken neck, and if it's someone like Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes that gets hurt, then WWE is going to be fucked since they'll have to find more young talent, and possibly fire Sin Cara for injuring someone.
  8. Please stay away from Dolph Sin.
  9. What he said Mike. Explains it all so well.
  10. Why do they put the best seller with the best botcher? :blown:
  11. I like Sin Cara, when he wrestles matches have a little tempo and I like that.
  12. Can we make a "Sin Cara: Botcher Ranger" thread for all his botches?
  13. Probably for DZ to cover up Mistico's flaws. Although the only guy who was able to do that was DB if I recall correctly.
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