Bottle on Punk's head

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  1. We all know a bottle aint gunna explode on his head. but its an interesting vid nonetheless
  2. I think practically everyone knew that. I knew it as soon as he threw it. It's sugar glass. I still think it legitimately hurt Punk though unless it was insane selling. It was a fantastic segment anyway to be honest.

    That black dude is ridiculously annoying though.
  3. You would have to hit a guy a helluva lot harder than that to break a real bottle of booze over a dude's head, and Punk would have been a bloody ass mess. I don't think anyone watching, including children, thought it was a real bottle.
  5. As @DolphsZiggler said almost everyone should have figured out that it was a sugar glass bottle and not a real one considering the lack of blood or fucked up Punks lying by the ring. Jericho and Punk really sold it though. Punk acted like he really was hit in the head and Jericho played the aggressive heel well. Something we haven't seen from a heel his size in a long time.
  6. I think the bottle thing was still pretty epic though. The feud itself is great in my opinion.
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  7. The black dude is hilarious
  8. I can't recall that happening too often in the WWE so it's nice to see a semi original spot. Rather than the usual beat down and head to the post shot.
  9. It was great IMO. Everything Jericho did last night was epic, form the mic work, to busting his ass, to dumping the alcohol out on him, to the bottle smash.

    Jericho is the best
  10. Yeah Jericho was gold I got really pissed at him. Doing his job well.
  11. @Randy Does you keyboard only have caps
  12. It wasent a real bottle. It was obviously made so it wouldnt damaged either of them
  13. Yeah, considering the thickness of a Jack Daniels bottle (at least if I'm recalling correctly, it was a Jack Daniels bottle), if it had been real, it probably would have killed Punk, or at least fractured his skull pretty severely, to actually break a bottle over his head.

    I seem to remember TNA doing a bit a while back wherein they would "break beer bottles" over people's heads (pretty sure it was Beer Money, Inc.). The problem became that it happened every week or two and, again if I recall correctly, people stopped selling the bottle shots. This is the difference between seeing something too much and using it right. We haven't seen a bunch of broken bottles around WWE in the last decade or so, so it means something when Jericho comes out and busts a bottle of Jack over Punk's head. If it were to happen every week, it would just become another spot.

  14. It was very cruel of Chris. He should have hit with with kindness :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. I think Kia maybe the kindest person on this forum her words always seemed filled with support and love.
  16. It was hollywood class.. Morealess like breaking an egg over your head.
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