Bound For Charlotte!

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    Charlotte, NC has a rich wrestling history. It can be called Flair Country or Hardy Country or simply wrestling country. The Queen City is the perfect fit for Bound For Glory 2015. Bound For Glory has been held in cities like Philadelphia, PA and Phoenix, AZ and last year Bound For Glory went to Tokyo, Japan and returns to America in 2015 in Charlotte, NC.

    As excited as we are, Charlotte is even more pumped up and that is evident by ticket sales, with limited quantities still available. It will be an event you will want to see live and in person.

    Matt Hardy, from nearby, Cameron, NC once said that if he could choose any place to live in the world it would be North Carolina. Home to The NFL’s Carolina Panthers and The Charlotte Hornets there is always plenty to do in beautiful Charlotte, NC.

    So if you have already made your Bound For Glory travel plans make sure to check out all that Charlotte has to offer and if you haven’t made your Bound For Glory plans yet, what are you waiting for??

    Buy Tickets to Bound For Glory at


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  2. I'd get bound for Charlotte :stopspot:
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  3. And for Taryn :rollins3:
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