Bound for Glory poster art

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by GrammarNazi82, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. A little bit ago, Dixie Carter tweeted the following:

  2. Ugh, someone fire the guy/girl making these.
  3. It doesn't look so bad.
  4. Horrible. Dixie needs to stop letting her kids make the posters.
  5. Poster from 2007
  6. Randy ashley has a point for once
  7. :okay:
  8. Decent enough for my taste, but whatever the hell is Chavo doing on it... :eww:
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  9. I agree it could be worse, but it could also certainly be a whole lot better.

    I like Hardy's facepaint..... and Storm's hat..... I think that's about it.
  10. So much nicer
  11. Still a very rookie poster but definitely nicer than the current one.
  12. It's alright. their posters always seem to be a bit over crowded.
  13. TNA posters always look lame TBH.
  14. Austin Aries disagrees

    Show Spoiler

    I loved this as well:
  15. Only thing I can complain with on the Destination X poster is some of the use of shading and color on Aries but overall it is OK. And the text that says "I am the main event" looks like it is done using a word effect in MS word.
  16. I like the austin aries one but the lockdown one still sucks :pity:
  17. Looks alright to me, not that bad, but also not special. I don't get why though Chavo is on that poster, someone form the Bound For Glory Series should be on there instead. Still, looks alright to me, like how Jeff Hardy and Sting look.
  18. This looks fucking terrible... :facepalm:
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