Bound For Glory Rewind: 5 Great Bound For Glory Moments - Aries vs. Hardy 2012

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    As we get ready for Bound For Glory 2015 on Sunday, October 4th from Charlotte, North Carolina we will take the next 5 weeks to look back at the moments that made us watch in awe at the wrestlers from Impact Wrestling. The moments we will remember forever and the memories that will last a lifetime.

    Bound For Glory is a special event on The Impact calendar and these 5 matches were tough to choose as the best representatives of this yearly spectacular, but enjoy them as we get ready for all new memories at Bound for Glory 2015.

    Bound For Glory 2012

    TNA World Championship
    Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries​

    The Event took place in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona. Austin Aries was the defending TNA World Champion and Jeff Hardy was the challenger. On the final Impact leading into this match, Austin Aries left Jeff Hardy lying in the middle of the ring with a vicious brainbuster. Who would earn the victory find out now!​


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