Bound for Glory will be in San Diego

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, May 30, 2013.

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  1. What do you think of that location choice? Personally I'm a little confused by it. Not usually the best crowd, even for California, but I guess I understand they want to expand their market West. Seattle would be a much better choice if you want a West coast wrestling city.
  2. FUCK YES!!!!

    I'll be there. Don't usually care for live Wrestling events (never been to one), but I'll be at this one for sure. Aries irl = total fucking :fap:
    You should cruise down, D'Z. You pansy.
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  3. I'm not much for live wrestling but I'll consider it if prices aren't too crazy and the card looks good. Seeing AJ win the belt off Bully could be sweet
  4. It will be in the SDSU arena

  5. I remember when BFG 7 was $7.
  6. San Diego is the perfect wrestling spot. Gonna go to this one for sure :yes:
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  7. Here's the first hype vid. I liked the visual aspects but I wasn't a fan of them reusing and editing the recorded lines from last years trailers. But most likely they will have new lines once the other trailers come in and the BFG series starts.
  8. I hope the Gutcheck BFG Series contender wins the title and wins the BFG series

  9. gross
  10. GOAT
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  11. San DIego - great choice tbh. I might even go for it.
  12. I'll be this Sunday at Slammiversary LOL
  13. We should all attend front row and attempt to attack Chavo.
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  14. It'll be for Mysterio to win the title from Bully after winning the BFG series as Dixie's big signing.
  15. Where is Mysterio these days and what is he doing? Still in 'E or raising horses in Guatemala?

  16. Generally he's getting injured.
  17. But he's still under the contract, right?

  18. I think so, I'm guessing the sarcasm has been lost at this point.
  19. Who knows? I heard they have piece of shit electricians in San Diego, maybe he's one of them. Hell, there's honor in that!
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