Bound For Gold at Bound For Glory

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    While EC3 and Drew Galloway will compete in The Main Event at Bound For Glory for The World Championship, a host of others will compete for a future Title opportunity. It will be the “Bound For Glory: Bound For Gold Gauntlet Match” where the last man standing in the ring will earn a coveted chance to achieve greatness. The field is like a who’s who of wrestling royalty.

    Mr. Anderson is a former 2x TNA World Champion who would love to get back to the top.

    Abyss is a TNA Original who would love to win The TNA World Title in his Hall of Fame worthy career.

    Robbie E had a great summer and could make it an even better fall if he can win this gauntlet match.

    Plus, newcomer Aiden O’Shea, Chris Melendez, Jessie Godderz and others will all be competing. The big question is who will enter when and keep in mind, the later you enter the better chance you have of winning. The match starts with 2 men and after timed intervals another wrestler enters the match; you are eliminated when both feet go over the top rope and touch the floor below.


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