Bow Down... The Master is Back

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by TheSexyPedo, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Bow Down To The
    Bow Down To The
    To The King
    The King of Kings

    I had many previous usernames in this website including CrayoSucksDick, SeabsBangsHisBrother and stuff like that. But the most popular one was probably Jeebak. Seabs begged me to come back here so here i am.

    Dont expect me to be a John Cena and make 100 posts a day. Expect me to be a Rock who shows up once in a while to entertain the less privilaged ones, aka all of you, i have stuff to do.

    Btw i need a 100 bucks loan, can anyone be good enough to loan it to me? I will return it in installments within a month.
  2. :finger: are you jeebak??

    Who the fuck is this retard? You are the khali of this forum, im sure someone somewhere gives a fuck but it sure isn't me.
  3. Welcome dude, I hope you enjoy your time here, and here add my paypal, I guess I could share some money:
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  4. LOL!! This made my night finally seeing JeebaK come back... Do you have Skype? I wanna add you :emoji_grin:

    <3 you.
  5. Oy at all the grammar mistakes.

    The original Jeebak made many classic posts, I hear.
  6. Welcome back Jeebak :dawg:
  7. @[GrammarNazi82]

    JeebaK Quote Thread
  8. My skype id is sexykatiew. Im online right now. If you are wondering about the girly name, i use it for ewhoring too, thats why.
  9. Lol EWhoring.
  10. You are advertising your threads in MY thread bitch?
  11. Two assholes going at it, nothing but shit coming out.
  13. Food for you.:obama:
  14. Sup bro.
  15. Looking for a 100 - 150 bucks loan. Loan me?
  16. I guess it does feed the beast, as they say. You are a giant clown, are you showing off your gimmic? SexyPedo, the 100$ big money spender (on children) personified. You are a clown dude. Why waste the champs time? Welcome back, im sure ill copy paste a lot of the retard vs tard matches on here.
  17. I'm looking for an attractive Asian wife who will cater to my every want and need. Loan me?
  18. Who the Roody Poo, are you? :haha:


    I heard they were selling wife's at Ebay, check that out maybe?

    On a more serious note, i wasnt kidding.
  19. You think I was kidding?
  20. YES
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