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  1. here you go @Seabs and @Kassius HoHo discuss all things boxing related in here what upcoming fights are you looking forward to?

  2. Face Off: Pacquiao/Rios, I can't wait for this fight.Pacman get that win you need it badly!
  3. It should be a good one rios is made for pac i'm going fo a pacquiao win via stoppage
  4. Since Vitali Klitshko is going to stand in the Ukrainian election for president , im interested to see who will pick up his title.
  5. They'll probably upgrade him to super champion and make the fury/haye fight for the regular belt
  6. 2 big fights this weekend in froch v groves and pacquiao v rios who's watching and who do you think will win and how?
  7. Im hoping Froch and Paq will probably happen too
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  8. Same any idea what time the pac fight will start coz its in china so not sure how there gunna do it
  9. i'm going for pac to win via ko in 8th round and froch to win via ko in 7th round not long to go now!
  10. Mayfeather shouldn't be a pussy. Fight Pac
  11. Its lost its appeal now i think should of happened in 2009 when they were both at there peak there both to blame really for it not happening
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  12. you are really dumb
  13. literally posted that just for you. I could take mayweather and I most certainly wouldn't refuse to fight Pac. Pussies
  14. money da besssssss
  15. froch down in the first round whos watching?
  16. Froch looks like he is on a different planet atm, now he needs to pull it out of the bag in the late rounds
  17. Yer its groves fight to lose now
  18. Looks like Froch may be able to hurt him all of a sudden, he may still stop him late on
  19. I just happened to be at a bar thats playing this fight now so i'll be joining u guys
  20. i just hope it ain't on too late already struggling to stay awake
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