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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Roadster, Aug 29, 2015.

  1. @seabs Let's do this Mi Hermano.

    Currently, Leo Santa Cruz vs. Abner Mares will be taking place later tonight, in the Featherweight division of the PBC. It's billed as the Mexican Street Fight and that's what it seems it's gonna be like. There's a lot of fights scheduled today including Ruiz vs. Ceja - also a PBC fight.

    Also, don't forget Berto vs. Mayweather Jr, is coming up September 12th.
  2. I just can't convince myself to care about Berto / Floy. It's such a white wash on paper, here's hoping Brook / Khan or Brook / Bradley gets made soon.
  3. I'm just hoping Berto will pull the biggest upset and defeat Floyd, in his 'retirement' match. That would be the greatest and least likely thing to happen.
  4. It would make a rematch huge to be fair, Lol Mayorga misses weight for his OAP scrap with Mosley. @Gav the Champ! you in for some boxing talk?
  5. Santa Cruz is younger, taller, lighter. Has the better record, the better reach. El Teremoto has the fight in my book. You gonna watch this fight, seabs?
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  6. It doesn't really interest me so probably not, is there a reason to?
  7. Well it's one of the most anticipated fights of the year, at least in Premier Boxing. A grudge match between the two most talented fighters in the division. Sure as hell, looks like a good fight (plus it's free)

    Just look up Santa Cruz vs. Mares on Google, and read some of the articles.
  8. Isn't Mayorga vs. Mosley today?
  9. Yeah they weighed in yesterday. Mayorga was 4 lbs over.
  10. Freddie Roach seems like the best damn trainer anyone could have. With a tragic ending to his career.
  11. Ceja vs. Ruiz is starting.
  12. He's fine when things go his way, not a great strategiest in the heat of battle imo. Were the fights good last night? Just so I know whether it's worth a watch.
  13. Ceja v. Ruiz - It was slow up until around the 3rd round, it became an all out brawl.
    Luna v. Lopez - Wasn't interesting, and it was kind of predictable. Luna had a better stance, ready to jump at the slightest jab, Lopez was slow, wasn't light on his feet and just kept blocking.
    Didn't catch Santa Cruz v. Mares, but I have it on my DVR. After I'm done watching I'll tell you.
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  14. Cotto vs. Canelo: For November 12th. You pumped seabs?
  15. Yeah, been hyped about this fight for a while. The winner has to fight GGG, the best MW on the planet IMO. I've got Canelo being too strong, too hungry and too much power. Cotto causes issues with that lead hook though. Who you got?
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  16. Same, Canelo is the bigger, badder fighter of the two. He's extremely powerful for his weight class, and is amongst the top ranked today.
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  17. Golovkin eats either alive IMO, he's deceptively slow with the way he cuts off angles.
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  18. I'm betting Berto does a hell of a lot better against Mayweather than people expect him to come September 12th. Him winning would arguably be the biggest upset in boxing history, but imagine how big of a deal it would be to just give Mayweather his first official knockdown.
  19. Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Carlos Hernandez - BoxRec
  20. I guess, but many people overlook that one because he was the one willingly bending over from the pain of his broken hand. He's never been properly put on his ass by another fighter.