Boy kills sister with "WWE-Style" wrestling moves

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. No way... I am literally at a loss for words.
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  2. Bad parenting, nothing else needs to be bothered with. Shitty parents not around when they should have been, educating the kids on waht they were watching. Kid would hve burned down the house if he saw it on a video game. Darwinism at it's finest, you can hate me for posting it but it's the truth. The girl didnt deserve it but that idiot wasnt going to be the next nobel prize winner. The real issue is stopping these genius' from procreating
  3. You can't blame anybody but the parents on this one,seriously, who the fuck leaves kids that young home alone?
  4. Thirteen is still too old not to know you shouldn't repeatedly punch a five year old in the stomach, especially when she's complaining about hurting. This kid is a retard.
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  5. At 13 everyone with a brain knows right from wrong. I'm sure the media will be all over wrestling, but they're not the ones to blame.
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  6. seriously sometimes i wonder if you are really senhor. What a shit post.
  7. What an off-topic post.
    It's not WWE's fault, the kid is a retard.
  8. I love it that you never stop thinking about me. *kisses*
  9. go read my kid a story before bed.
  10. seriously good luck not laughing at the sig. i cant.
  11. I have a couple of tasteless jokes swirling around my head but nobody is going to appreciate them in a thread about a dead 5 year old girl.

    Just my luck.
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  12. i will
  13. I honestly think it is the parents fault and they should be charged. A good parent would know that their child is not stable enough to watch a show like that. Where were they when this was going on btw? I mean seriously. My brother tried this on me when we were younger and my dad whooped his ass with a belt. He never tried it on me again.
  14. It's a work IMO.
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  15. Shit storyline. 4/10.
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  16. It's never too soon for tasteless jokes.
  17. How fucked up mentality do you have to be to punch your own sister in the stomach repeatedly? Parents fault here.
  18. Dammit Krispen Wah, you had one job!
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