BPL Discussion Thread 12/05/13

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 12, 2013.

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  1. Such a huge day for football today. Emotional games like United's and Everton's, but some massive games like Spurs/Stoke, Norwhich/West Brom, QPR/Newcastle, and Sundercrap/Southampton.

    Personally, I'm hoping either Norwhich or Sunderland go down, as I really don't want to see Wigan drop. Will be really emotional watching United's home game later with both SAF and Scholes bowing out :emoji_slight_frown:.
  2. how did dempseys goal go in
  3. It was so weird. Amazingly improvised. Dolph'sZiggler would have marked.
  4. also think its too late for wigan
  5. One win + One of the teams on 38 points losing = last day drama. Wigan are the kings of staying up on the last day.
  6. i know they have to beat arsenal though did it last year though
  7. Rooney dropped for this match... yeah, he's leaving.
  8. God I love Scholes, that interview was brilliant. Such a massive day for football. Nobody gives a crap about Rooney, this is about SAF and Scholes, love United so much, such a proffesional team.
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  9. Giving the Swansea fans flags is such a classy move, you can just tell this game is going to be great, even if the game itself is boring, the feeling is brilliant.
  10. This is so sad :emoji_slight_frown:
  11. Yeah that was so classy. Fucking loved that. Flags say "Capital one cup winners" too, awesome.
  12. I know, Chelsea would never do something so simple as that either, just a really nice touch that they didn't have to do, don't know how people can hate United.

    Did you watch the Scholes interview? It was brilliant.
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  13. Yeah laughed at the interview, perfect. They had to send Gary to do it in the most informal place for Scholes to speak lmfao. The retirement of Fergie + Rooney saga = perfect way for Scholes to go out unnoticed. So humble. Possibly my favourite all time player.
  14. It was class, Scholes is such a proffesional, never wants the spotlight, he's my favorite ever player yeah.

    Also, so happy for SAF here, got goosebumps watching that. Nobody will EVER be as good as him, best manager ever.
  15. Oh no, goodbye Wigan. :downer:

    Really didn't want them down, The FA Cup hasn't helped them at all.
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  17. Lol, Williams wants United to win it seems. :lol1:
  18. Guess I'm discussing the match with myself. :okay:
  19. Scholes scoring would be perfect.
  20. Seabs! :yay:

    I know, see you see his chance? It's like the whole United team is just trying to set him up, if United get a pen you can guarantee he will take.
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