BPL Discussion Thread 30th March

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. I'll be posting throughout all the games ill watch. Anyone else watching today?
  2. Oh yay RVP just scored :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Titus Bramble is still a beast I see.........

    Still Sunderland

  4. Lmao. I'm surprised at how comfortable we are tbh. De gea hasn't made a save.
  5. Finally! Its been like 9-10 games since he scored last
  6. Might not go down as his goal :emoji_slight_frown:. He's been playing great though so I'm fine. Kagawa has been so so good and as always Carrick has been world class.
  7. "Sunderland aren't making a run forward. It's winding me up and I don't even want them to win" -. The goat Gary neville :gary:
  8. Van Persie goal my arse, going a mile wide.
  9. Was going in IMO.
  10. Of course it wasn't and you know it wasn't.
  11. It was, but despite Bramble's best attempts to block it he could do nothing to stop it. T'Was destined for the net :sad:
  12. :yes:

    Tbh, if that didn't go in, we would have scored with someone else. Sunderland were never a threat throughout. I can honestly see them dropping down.
  13. Neither team was a real threat. There was only 6 shots on target for both team combined throughout 96 minutes :nogusta:
  14. Our chances were a lot more clear. Da Gea hasn't hardly made a save.

    We had like 9 or 10 attempts on target when we were playing at like 30%. I'm not just saying this, but I fear for Sunderland's safety.
  15. "We had like 9 or 10 attempts on target when we were playing at like 30%"

    You only had 8 the entire game. I don't fear for us, why would you? Just trying to entice me. :tough:
  16. We had 14 shots actually. Stop talking out your ass. We had 8 on target which makes your "6 shots on target combined" post completely nonsense as well. Sunderland had one shot on target. You had 2 shots inside the box, United had 11.
  17. What's the bet Jonthan doesn't reply now?

    Anyway, Spurs leading at Swansea 1-0 with Vertonghen scoring. What a season he has had.

    Arsenal also leading with forehead aka Gervinho scoring.
  18. Andy Carrol has scored for West Ham; they're 1-0 up against West Brom

    @"R Albin"
  19. 2-0 Spurs. Bale has scored one of the best goals of the season. What a fucking player.
  20. Southampton leading Chelsea; brilliant football and a great finish too. Southampton are so beautiful to watch now.

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