BPL or La Liga?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. Easily the two best leagues in the world with the best teams in the world as well. The biggest debate is which league is better?

    The reason why it's a debate is because it's tough on how to rank it. For example, do you rank it by excitement? IF so, then it's hard to argue against the BPL being the best league in the world. Do you rank it on quality? If so, the good old debate on which teams are better come into it.

    Excitement - The BPL is a much better league in terms of excitement. You can have Manchester United be on a 25 match unbeaten run playing amazing football turn up at Wigan -- relegation contenders -- and lose easily 2-0. Why? Because it's the BPL, the home of unpredictable football. Already we've had Man City struggle to beat Southampton and QPR at home, both of those are relegation contenders. We've had United lose to Everton -- all be it harder, it's still a shock -- away from home and then struggle to beat Southampton away, and won against Fulham 3-2. Goals galore. That's what the BPL is about, goals goals goals.

    Quality - Well La Liga has the two best teams in the world by far, Real Madrid and Barcelona. The reason why it's not as exciting is because you can pretty much guarantee those two winning every week, the only unpredictable games are the El Classicos -- the most watched football games on TV (ruling out finals and world cups) -- and sometimes the Real Madrid vs Valencia games away from home and such, but most of the time you're looking at those top two teams winning. Those two teams both have the best players in the world. If you made a World 11 team, most of them would be Real Madrid/Barcelona players.

    Furthermore, the playing quality is different in Spain. In the BPL, there's a lot of long balls, crosses, rough tackles and big clearances. That's the epitome of English football. Fair enough it's changing now with United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal playing nice flowing passing football, but all of those teams sometimes have to change their styles to adapt to the teams in the league. Where as in La Liga (and Spain as a whole), the football quality is so much higher and more enjoyable to watch. The quick short passes, the runs, the skill, it's just breathtaking sometimes and it's the future of football. The BPL is evolving into a La Liga style league, where football is much more possession orientated but it's still not there.

    The question is, what would happen when La Liga teams who are relegation contenders go up against BPL teams who are relegation contenders? That's the best way of judging the football quality, and we just don't know because neither of those sets of teams are in European football competitions, meaning they never face each other. What we do know is Atletico Madrid -- a team based around trying to get 4th in La Liga -- smashed the European Champions Chelsea (London based team) 4-1. They could have just had an off day which is my theory, or it could have been a symbol of the difference in quality.

    Either way, it's your choice what league is better, you choose :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the BPL because of the excitement. People can say I'm being bias because I live in the UK, well I'm not as I'm half Spanish so that shouldn't have anything to do with it. The league is far more exciting, but the quality of football is sometimes not. Playing away at Stoke and seeing constant long throw ins into the box so they can get scrambles and knock-downs is depressingly bad. But watching Wigan trash Chelsea or anything similar is fantastic viewing as a neutral. More so than not the games are high-scoring games for both teams. Not 6-0's and such, but more so 4-3's and stuff like that.

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    I like football
  2. I'm not going to go into much detail, but I think Premier League is better, More excitement, and It's got a good variation of different players from different countries. (So different styles of play) - La Liga not so much.
  3. Fuck La Liga lol.
  4. Nice explanation lol.
  5. My interest level in a league where only 2 games a season truly matter just isn't that high. I know the other teams in the league are high quality, but when 2 teams are head and shoulders that far ahead of the pack it zaps my interest.
  6. Premier league ftw
  8. I can't disagree there, in terms of result-excitement, it's lack-luster. I think it makes up for it with the quality of football though, but I think only real football nuts would watch teams they know are going to lose (or not matter) just for football quality, like me. It does get boring but at the same time watching breathtaking talents like Messi, Ronaldo, Falcao, Soldado, Xavi, Iniesta, Ozil, Alonso -- the list goes on -- absolutely tear up some real quality teams is amazing.

    This might just be a coincidence or a change in form, but Cazorla for Arsenal has been immense this year, one of THE best creative midfielders of this years season, but he flopped at Villareal and was average at Malaga, two relatively strong La Liga teams. If the BPL wasn't adapting, I would say nearly the whole of La Liga can beat the premier league teams. But it's hard to say at the moment.
  9. I have to say BPL..

    Never, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeever are there any surprises in the La Liga. In the BPL there are.

    For example, look at Swansea, they're doing pretty good right now. The title in the BPL? You've got Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea. In La Liga? Barcelona and Real Madrid. Same old story, no surprises at all.
  10. I agree with you Jose.

    P.S - Bluemoon has risen.
  11. Wut?
  12. I agree, but do you not admire the quality in la liga?

    Also, the bluemoon is the City rise, basically (Man City). You should know that, you're a fan of them.
  13. Not really that detailed on the club, I'm sorry. I thought he was talking about that movie..

    I like the quality, but I admire the British toughness. Spanish players easily are ''hurt'' and stuff, England goes the hard way, the way I used to play when I still played. I love Real because of their harder mentallity, you don't see that at Barca.
    Plus, I enjoy the ''mid-card'' (if I may reffer it as so) of the BPL.
    I wouldn't watch Espanyol - Getafe or something alike.
    But I would sit down to watch Fulham - Swansea, you know?
  14. Completely understand. Though the BPL is full of diving cheats now too unfortunately. You still jhave the good old Vidic's, Ferdinands, Terry's, Shawcross' and such who don't give a fuck though.
  15. Don't forget Big Vincent Kompany off that list Crayo.
  16. True, my bad. I can't help but love Vincent when everything tells me to hate him.
  17. He's a boss, you're meant to love a player who can command defences like him.
  18. As a United fan, I'm meant to hate the City captain and the guy who scored against us in our most crucial loss of the year.
  19. But as an avid football fan, you're meant to respect and admire the commitment and determination he shows week in week out. I admired Ronaldo. When he was at you guys.
  20. And that's why I do respect and admire him. I just don't tell United fans that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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