bpl player/young player of the year nominations

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. bale
    van persie

    Edit added young player of the year as well


  2. bpl player of the year nominationwest

    You forgot Mata.

    Apparently, it's going to be between Van Persie and Bale, but I wish they gave it to Carrick instead.
  3. RE: bpl player of the year nominations

    Mata > Hazard.

  4. bpl player of the year nominations

    I'm not sure who'll win this year. RVP would be my vote hands down if he hadn't stopped scoring recently. Then Bale would have if he didn't get injured. Then Suarez but I really can't see it happening for some reason.
  5. RE: bpl player of the year nominations

    Because he's one of the most hated players in football.
  6. RE: bpl player of the year nominations

    Yeah basically lol, he's been undeniably great but will people vote for him? We'll have to wait and see, but I'm not sure.
  7. RE: bpl player of the year nominations

    He deserves it IMO but that may be a little biased.
  8. RE: bpl player of the year nominations

    Well I can't argue with you, he's kept up goals wise with a weaker team behind him, I certainly wouldn't think it wrong if he won.
  9. RE: bpl player of the year nominations

    I don't think he was nominated should be though was a bit suprised carrick was though thought he'd of been overlooked the if consistancy was the key factor he should win but won't though


    oops yes he was lol added him my picks are bale and benteke
  10. I don't understand young layer of the year.

    Surely if Bale is the only young player good enough to also get into the player of the year then he has to win? It doesn't make sense otherwise, they did it with Aguero last year, he was up for both but didn't win the young player.
  11. Suarez doesn't deserve it imo, but we've gone over that. RVP and Bale are the apparent front runners, and if it were me, I'd give it to RVP. Why? He's pretty much single handedly changed the title-race, and has had an injury free season. He scores in all the big games, and has scored some pretty awesome goals. But I can't split him and Bale. I put Carrick ahead both of them though personally. My list would be:


    For young player I'd say Bale obviously, but if you can not win both PFA and Young then Benteke.
  12. I'd give it to Carrick as well. Any United game I've seen he's either been my motm or at least a solid contender for it.
  13. But pretty much everyone would. People would be pissed if he won.
  14. What big matches has Suarez dominated and been the difference? I mean big matches that mean most to Liverpool (against rivals, 4th spot contenders, top 4, etc).

    RVP, and Bale, have almost single handedly won the big games. Bale beat United at Old Trafford, RVP beat Liverpool both home and away, and beat City, and beat Chelsea, etc.
  15. Suarez scores goals. :otunga:
  16. No shit. Berbatov was a lethal goal scorer a couple seasons ago, but should he have gotten close to a PFA award? Hell no. He scored SOME important goals, but most were against jobber teams at home or when we were already 2-0 up. Berbatov was not a game-winner.
  17. I was going to put an edit but I'm too lazy. The last couple of games are going to influence the PFA award greatly. I'm not sure about Tottenham or ManU but Liverpool has some tough fixtures coming up (Chelsea, Everton, Newcastle) and the performance of these 3 players in the ending stretch of the year very well could change whose hands the award ends up in.

    If it was between Bale and RVP I'd pick RVP. And if Bale doesn't get young player I'd pick Benteke as well.
  18. Possibly, but I'm sure it's season-based. Compare the teams:

    United - Dominated the title, and are going for three league records (most points, most wins, most away wins). Scored the most goals, conceded the second least. Beat most big teams this season, thanks to RVP.

    Tottenham - Good position to get 4th spot, went far in Europa league. Bale top scorer by a large mile, and has played in LM and CAM (not a striker). Also scored some of the best goals this season, and most important, and has done it in supreme style. This season took him from good player, to a world class player in the same sentence as Falcao, Messi, RVP, Ronaldo, etc.

    Liverpool - 7th place. 6 points from rivals Everton - with MUCH less resources than Liverpool - and 8 from Spurs who have a gamke in hand. Already out the race for fourth spot. Suarez is their top scorer (and I think is the league one? Or tied idk), and has scored some decent goals, but not really in big games.
  19. I edited my post. Although my heart says Suarez it'll surely go to RVP.
  20. Young player: Mata or Bale
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