bpl prediction contest?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Gav back in the championship, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. would be cool if there was a weekly bpl prediction contest like you do for the ppvs thoughts?
  2. Well, the truth is that this is a wrestling forum, not a football forum, so I think that making a weekly bpl prediction contest is also a little unfair because some people would watch La Liga and they'll want to have other prediction contest, etc
  3. There is a sports section, so football is a relevant board topic despite being primarily a wrestling board.

    And how is it unfair? If you watch La Liga and want to make a prediction contest for it, knock yourself out.

    Anyone can make a prediction contest. Just go to the sports section, make your thread and see who joins in. Simple as that.
  4. Ok, so if this is as simple as that, why was this in the suggestions section?
  5. I'm guessing he wanted to know if it was an issue, I could make a thread in here asking if I'm allowed to post in the Lockerroom for example, it doesn't mean it's got a difficult resolution.
  6. Anyone can make one yeah. They won't be official site ones advertised in the header announcements though.
  7. Thats what i mean an official one would be good with enough interest
  8. BPL games etc happen too often for enough people. Make some yourself. I don't mind offering $5 to the winner of the most correct predictions each week.
  9. Ok ill trial it next week see how it goes
  10. I REALLY like this idea. I'm pretty sure most people on here that like Football or the BPL have a fantasy football team, so this would be good!
  11. I'm guessing $5 NP @Crayo ? - inb4 winner spams you for $5 paypal :lol1:
  12. If we had the sportsbook plugin that Xenforo has, we'd be able to have a much better version of this :sad:. No such plugin exists for MyBB though and it'd be expensive getting it done, so we'll live with our prediction threads for the time being.

    $5NP to the winner who gets most predictions right. If you always bet on Sunderland losing, you'll win cash.

    Suggestion accepted -- closed.
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