BPL Team of the Year

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Pick yours, talk about mine, etc. This is as of this moment.

    1st team:

    RvP - Suarez
    Bale - Fellaini - Toure - Mata
    Baines - Agger - Shawcross - Zabaleta

    2nd team:

    Michu - Fletcher
    Dempsey - Dembele - Cazorla - Walcott
    Vertonghen - Evans - Chico - Rafael
  2. Cesar
    Rafael - Evans - Williams - Baines
    Carrick - Fellaini
    Mata - Suarez - Bale

    Shocked Carrick isn't included in any of yours.
  3. I knew I was missing someone, I had no idea who to put for cazorla's spot I meant to put him there tbh, wrote this at 2 in the morning.
  4. Cazorla has been hit or miss for me this season. When he turns up he's fantastic, but sometimes he's lacklustre.
  5. He's been inconsistent as fuck, switch carrick for him
  6. Speaking of inconsistent, why is Toure even in your team lol?
  7. Not even sure
  8. Wilshere might be a decent shout.I know he's missed a lot of the season but he's been consistently good. Arteta as well maybe.

    Or the Southampton lad Sneiderlin or something (can't spell his name); he's been fantastic. Dembele is another good shout.

    But yeah Carrick should be in that first team bro.
  9. Torquay united squad
  10. Ur 1 cheeky kunt m8
  11. gk-ceser
    St michu

    Tried to make it a little differant
  12. Shocked at the Lampard and Hazard picks. Hazard recently made it into the top 5 flops of the season list, lol. I forgot about Michu.
  13. Hazard a flop? Hes been great imo and lampard has save chelsea quite a few times this season deserves to start more this season(although he has been now?
  14. Hazard had a great opening 5 or 6 games or so, but what has he done since? He's been irrelevant for most of their season imo. Lampard has been good but would he deserve that spot ahead of Fellaini etc? I dunno, he's been good, but not exactly great.
  15. Wanted to be differant thats all lol otherwise id have the same as you changed my mind on hazard now id swap him 4 walcott put him in the ram move mata into cam
  16. How did Hazard go from being great to a flop in 2 posts lol? You're a master manipulator Gayo.
  17. Ah I see lol. Yeah Walcott has had a great season; nearly put him in mine too.
  18. Gk: Lloris
    Rb: Rafael
    Cb: Ashley Williams
    Cb: Vidic?
    Lb: Baines
    Cm: Carrick
    Cm: Wilshere
    Cm: Fellaini
    Cam: Bale
    St: RVP
    St: Suarez
  19. Hazard obviously isn't a flop, he just made one of the lists. In terms of hype and money paid, you can definitely make an argument about him being a flop tbh. He had the world on twitter waiting for him to announce which club he would join at one point.
  20. :notsure: if srs or not, I wasn't commenting on Hazard just one minute he says he's been great the next he agrees with you about him being poor this season then removes him from his team of the year.
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