[Br]eaking [Ba]d Thread

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. I searched and didn't find one, so if there is a thread for this, please let me know and I will close this one.
    I made a new one. :otunga:

    I'm on season 2 so I wanted to talk about it since I know a few of you guys watch it. I have enjoyed it thus far.
  2. Breaking Bad

    I only got into it a couple of weeks ago, but I'm currently on Season 4 it's one of the best TV shows I've watched. I think @[Testify] Recommended it to me. So thanks. :otunga:
  3. RE: Breaking Bad

    Every time I think one thing is going to happen something else does! Really keeps me guessing. I like that.
  4. Breaking Bad

    Seen all 5.5 series, twice.
    The best show ever on TV IMO.

    If you think Series 1 (which was like 3/10 for me) and Series 2 (like 5/10) were good, wait till you see 3, 4 & 5. They're so much better.
  5. RE: Breaking Bad

    It's bullshit they're making us wait all the way till next July for the final eight episodes. The idea of splitting a season up and still calling it one season (especially with a year in between) is retarded.

    Season 3 was boring in a lot of places. Easily the least favorite season for me.
  6. Breaking Bad

    There is a thread for this. Like 2 I think
  7. RE: Breaking Bad

  8. RE: Breaking Bad

    You're welcome my brother. :hogan:
  9. Breaking Bad

    Oops. lol Well should I close this or...?
  10. Breaking Bad

    No, it's fine. Those are old threads.
  11. RE: Breaking Bad

    Okie dokie :otunga:

    Show Spoiler
    I'm on like ep.5 of season two I believe. Is it just me or does this show kinda force you not to like the wife? lol I feel like its Walking Dead and she's Lori. haha Like in the beginning I liked her then she started getting all pissy, smoking cigs, lashing out after practically telling Walter he didn't have a say so in his treatment, like shes pissed he's alive or something. I seen her staring at that photo. That wasn't Walter was it? HOE! lol Oh and the bro in law cop dude seems douchey. He's like one of them cops that thinks certain things are okay because he's a cop. He should throw his 5 finger discount wife in jail, I bet she would stop stealing! And at first I did not like Jessie at all. I MEAN AT ALL! But now he's growing on me. He's like a coward but it suits him. His friends are morons though. lol AND OMGOSH IS WALTER SMART! The whole etch-a-sketch thing and that mercury bomb. WOAH! All and all, pretty good show so far. I'm not hooked yet but as Johnathan noted, it gets better after season two.
  12. RE: Breaking Bad

    On season two and puts on spoilers. :haha:
    Yeah, you start to dislike her throughout the season don't worry. And don't diss Hank, he's badass.

    And Jesse is boss bitch! Season 3 is amazing so you'll enjoy it.
  13. RE: Breaking Bad

    Well, idk who hasn't seen it so I didn't wanna ruin anything. And NO! He's a dirty pig! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  14. RE: Breaking Bad

    Who? Hank or Jesse?

    Or Walter Jr. (Flynn)
  15. RE: Breaking Bad

    :haha: That picture is funny!

    And Hank. :finger: HANK! Go marry Peggy And have a chubby kid. Flat ass!
  16. FAT ASSES! :steiner:
    But trust me, you'll like him eventually.
  17. :notsure: :willis:
  18. @Brit, I suggest you turn off signatures cuz someone's sig here is a major spoiler to BB.
  19. RE: Breaking Bad

    Haha, this gave me a great laugh, thanks. :cornette:
  20. Testify?
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