News Brace Yourselves... You are going to hate this news report

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  1. How exposing would her attire be is my question.
  2. You just want to see her arse... Not like she hasn't shown it off already...

    inb4 a Iggy and R truth love story
  3. Also, this can work in the fan's favor by completely destroying the Divas division for good and making it a legitimate woman's wrestling sector again instead of pop-filled nonsense and love affairs.
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  4. Please... don't even think about this. This is the last thing anyone wants.
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  5. She could probably work a better match than Eva Marie
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  6. Shed probably be better than half the roster.
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  7. Makes 0 sense, but with WWE's craving for mainstream acceptance - they'll book her against Naomi or some shit in a tag team match.
  8. No idea who the fuck that even is.
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  9. Here:
    Feast your eyes (open)

  10. The personification of a gossip girl
  11. Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit!
  12. As if this isn't what the women's division has always been?
  13. pop-filled as in pop celebrities. They milk the crap out of social media now. And love affairs as in pointless crap that is nearly irrelevant unless you watch total divas.
  14. real men watch total divas
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  15. The women have always been some of the first to be attached to whatever popular celeb WWE manages to snag. If Social media existed in the 90s you can bet the women back then would have been on it. And love affairs is the quintessential womens storyline for WWE. Because he legit believes that is all they are good for. Tits and ass.

    Alundra Blaze is not the baseline for WWE women. Sable (Playboy) and Torry (I'll have sex with Kane then cheat on him with X-Pac). Then there is the Trish fucks Vince storyline obviously.

    Total Divas did not ruin the WWE womens division. It is broken by design and intent
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  16. :nope:
  17. But real men have kittens in space as their avatar on a forum based around slimy men fake slapping each other? Right?:dealwithit:
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  18. I agree, should bring the Total Diva LDs back.
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