Brace Yourselves...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Testify, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. I watched an actual WWE match.


    So I watched this TLC match from the other day, and it was a pretty good one. Not mid-blowing, but very good. Few fake spots, but it didn't make the match bad. Goldback and Kane overselling their respective injuries for about 10 mins was utter crap, but other than that everything was cool. Bryan showed why he's the boss! The reactions he got blew me away. What blew me away is that Goldback got only 50% LESS chants than Danielson, lol. Goldberg chants were funny as hell.

    Overall, didn't regret, it was a fun match.

    Thank you to Stopspot for recommendation, MAH BROTHA :testify:

    If anyone else has a match to recommend from this year, you're welcome to do it. I'm willing to watch 3 WWE matches at best, so your choice(s) better be awesome.

    Oh my brotha!
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  2. Ryback vs CM Punk is a must watch, such great technical skills on show and that 680 splash off the cell through the announce table was dope, just wish Devon didn't break up that pin :downer:
  3. WTF dude, get a (blow)job.:dawg:
  4. Re: RE: Brace Yourselves...

    :notsure:if offering.
  5. Have you watched Punk/Bryan at OTL? It was a pretty good match.
  6. I imagine you've seen it already, but Leasnar/Cena at ER was brilliant.
  7. Punk v Bryan at OTL


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  8. I wouldn't offer my dick to Brooke Hogan, let alone you.:dawg:

    Didn't watch Bryan/Punk OTL, but will do Leo.

    However, I did watch their match from MITB, and it was horrible. Sorry but it was. AJ Lee crapped on everything they did in the match, simple.

    Watched Lesnar/Cena twice already, R'ALbin, and it was awesome, brutal match. Yeah, Super Cena won, but it's not like I'm not used to it lol. MOTYC though.

    Thank you MAH BROTHA!
  9. Yeah you watched the bad version of their match. At OTL it was gold.
  10. How was Rock/Cena?

    I have the whole WM downloaded, so I have to choose what I'll watch from it lol.
  11. 1. HHH/The Undertaker
    2. CM Punk Vs. Chris Jericho
    3. Rock/Cena

    Great to ehn
  12. Shiz brother that's too much WWE in one day!:bury::emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk::vince:
  13. Indeed my brotha, Bryan/Punk at OTL was much better than at MITB. No AJ at all. Just a good old wrestling match. Rock/Cena was as Punk said, ehn. Nothing special at all. If you're looking for good matches I wouldn't recommend it.
  14. Will watch Rock/Cena just to see the Rock pinning Cena in the middle of "his" ring, on the biggest stage of "his" company. :boss:
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  15. I guess that'd be OK.
  16. HHH/Taker was the only thing worth watching at Mania
  17. Yeah the pop at the end for Rock was literally the only thing worth watching. I actually enjoyed it at the time, I didn't expect too much from it and thankfully so as I didn't end up being underwhelmed.

    P.S Jericho/Punk sucked, expected so much more from both guys.
  18. Punk/Bryan at OTL fa sho.

    No AJ or any other bullshit, just Punk and Bryan going at it :obama:
  19. I've read so many diferrent opinions about it, some give it 4 stars, some mediocre, and some call it "one of the worst matches in long time", because of the apparent and obvious spots and over the top melodramatic bullshit.

    Guess it's one of those matches that you simply like or despise, so I'll have to judge myself.:bury:

    Thanks for the recommends, y'all.
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