News Brad Maddox Debates Finding A New Job

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 1, 2015.

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    - Either use this guy properly or release him.
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  2. This guy is amazing.
  3. He definitely needs another shot, but not as a GM.
  4. Omg wow.....this is where Vince screws up...sure, Brad messed up as GM....but, that wasn't the right role for him....he's got talent....give him a mic and the proper booking...and he could work wonders as a manager for a superstar or a stand alone guy..

    I just laughed my ass off.
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  5. reminds me of the time the wwe left the poor bastard stuck in a cave in Brazil...
  6. I thought it was in Mexico?
  7. All the same to me
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  8. Alright :heenan:

    But yeah, I hope they use him for something in the near future. If they don't, they should just release him and let him be happy in some other company.
  9. Wait what happened in mexico/brazil?
  10. I don't see the appeal of this guy. What role do you all envision for him? I liked him in his crooked ref role, maybe he can be the "Nick Patrick" for the Authority like when the NWO had their own crooked ref.
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    Scott Armstrong is The Authority's crooked ref, actually.

    Dunno why would they waste Maddox and have him be a referee, when they could team him up with Riley who is also a talented wrestler, but is sitting around doing nothing (screw the shitty announcing stuff).
  12. He got stuck in a cave :zayn:

  13. He needs to start wearing a mask, change his name to Tiger Mask V, and go down to Mexico and get 2 pay checks every month.
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  14. that would suck.
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