Brad Maddox for the win!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by DarksideTrin, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. He was absolute GOLD in the parts of smack down I watched!!!

    I'm here to make smack down the Monday night raw of Friday nights!


    This guy is a gem!
  2. Don't jizz yourself yet.
    Just a promo, jeez.
  3. I miss JBL.
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  4. I like Bane Maddox in all honesty, he's just got something that entertains me.
  5. If you don't get the fact that this guy is a real find then you just don't get wrestling
  6. Sue me.
  7. LOL'd at no autographs please !
  8. That's ok, I have enough crayons
  9. LOL. This man has a real mental problem, he needs something to realize SmackDown can't be as good as Raw
  10. If anyone could find a video of that and post it here that would be cool, i missed Smackdown last night, but I've seen Maddox before and I am quite fond of his promo work
  11. I think Brad Maddox is great at commentary! I'm always entertained by him when he's made his surprise appearances to do color commentary on Main Event and Smackdown.
  12. God i wonder who made this thread.
  13. Savage's brother, you can see the resembalance in quality can't you?
  14. I could see one of these horrible threads 15 feet away from my computer blindfolded. Randys soulmate, who cares if it's his brother.
  15. I like Brad, I find him amusing! :emoji_grin:
  16. He really isn't all that bad, he's quite comical actually.
  17. That was gold ignoring Cole and having a convo with someone then saying that. So freaking funny.
  18. Judging by both of their behaviours incest was never considered an issue before.
  19. Judging by both of their behaviours incest was never considered an issue before.
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