Brad Maddox Gets Trolled

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JCK1991, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. Some Friends of mine attended Wrestlemania at the weekend and during the access signing.

    This is what happened when they met Brad!

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  2. I though this was brilliant, fair play to brad as well he sold his loss like a pro
  3. Stupid but fair play to Maddox demanding a rematch and playing along.
  4. You didn't troll Brad Maddox... you caught him off guard. He would rock your shit in Rock, Paper, Scissors

  5. This is why wrestling fans are gay.
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  6. Cringe worthy.
  7. Brad should have thrown Lizard. Lizard eats paper:

  8. I've seen this dude's vids on that other forum.

    Wait, I mean, I don't post on other wrestling forums wtf you talkin about mate.
  9. @Delik I smell the stench of another fourms
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  10. #GoBackToWF soon to be trending
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