Brad Maddox is a god on commentary

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Brad Maddox is a god on commentary enough said. This man can wrestle, talk on the mic and on commentary. He just needs that extra push to be the main event star now
  2. True that.
  3. :finger:
  4. Knew who posted that ASA i saw the title.
    He's pretty cool :maybe:
  5. I didn't watch SmackDown, was he good?
  6. When I see him I kind of like him, his mic skills are decent IMO.
  7. Brad Maddox is the future of the WWE
  8. I concur.

    Maddox > Ryback & Punk
  9. I'm entertained when Brad Maddox is on commentary. I think he's good at it and I hope he'll join in on some other occasions.
  10. What is he going to main event? You think him vs brock would be a big seller? Are you dead serious. Brad maddox isnt even MIZ on commentary :pity:
  11. He's yawn worthy in every area.
  12. Main Event? Damn can he have a midcard title match first :pity2:
  13. i'm indifferent on him
  14. We have Cole, Lawler, Tenay, and Taz running around masquerading as commentators, anyone competent would be godlike by comparison
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