Brad Maddox is gonna screw over CM Punk and Heyman

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  1. Brad Maddox was so disrespected on Raw last night when both CM Punk and Heyman treated him like shit in the lockerroom and now I think Brad Maddox is gonna screw over CM Punk and Heyman for that by making Heyman face Ryback next week on Raw and get the beating of a lifetime and then at Royal Rumble Brad Maddox is gonna make CM Punk lose his WWE title to Dwayne hahahaha I so cant wait for this nobody disrespects Brad Maddox
  2. Pretty sure The Rock doesn't need Brad Maddox's help in winning the WWE Title. I actually hope on an upcoming Raw (perhaps next week) Brad Maddox offers a handshake to the Rock backstage, only for Rock to cut a promo on him asking him who the hell he even is.
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  3. Not sure what I'd mark more for, the promo itself or BLFFL's reaction.
  4. :yes::yes::yes::yes:

    This would be so funny.
  5. I wish there was an eye rolling gif smiley
  6. [​IMG]

    How's this?

    Prefer this one personally

  7. post this shit on twitter
  8. More exasperated like the first one, but manlier :otunga:
  9. I'll lol pretty hard if Maddox interferes
  10. CM Punk and Heyman have just sealed their fates. Brad Maddox is gonna get revenge and this is where he will rise to the top and show the world he takes no shit from nobody
  11. I could see Maddox trying to screw over punk and heyman, but the way they've booked him so far, there is no reason to think it would be successful.
  12. Brad Maddox will get his revenge
  13. Unfortunately it's probably all an act, Maddox is still aligned with them imo.
  14. Yeah , heyman said get out of my life and stuff like that , I do believe that heyman is the one who manage Maddox and the shield , but punk doesn't know it..
  15. I dont think its an act Brad Maddox means business
  16. I do want to see that :dawg:
  17. Tonight Brad Maddox will screw over CM Punk and Heyman
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