Brad Maddox lost in a cave.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by B.Dazzle, Jun 24, 2014.

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  1. He's been posting videos of his vacation lately, and this was his latest one. I hope it's just a work.
  2. Oh my. Really hope this isn't real.
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  3. I'm 99 percent sure it's fake.

    There's that one percent though.
  4. Well at least he has internet in there.
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  5. Just looks like some kind of parody of this video. Very similar.
  6. Would his phone internet really work in a cave to be able to post this you tube video?
    Also his eyes look blood shot theres no way you can fake that I hope hes ok. I think someone should alert this video and get people down there. If this is all a work then shame on Brad
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  7. If it is real, it'd be in the news/ :pity:
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  8. Total work. If he was really trapped in a cave and had phone reception and access to the net surely he'd contact the relevant people, not request his youtube followers do it. Unless he really is just that dumb...
  9. Fucker be faking it.

  10. Hope they find him
  11. He aint been on his twitter since 24th this is worrying. His vacation you tube videos are not on WWE's official you tube page and theres nothing reported on if this was just a work. If he hasent shown up in the next day or so then we know this is legit
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  12. Until I see a corpse I still say
  13. There are so many flaws with his supposed emergency/work.
  14. Idk... caves don't have reception so that's the first clue, if it's real someone better find him, but if its a work its another funny angle from WWE for their next thing with Maddox
  15. Apprentely this cave thing is a work as Zack tweeted about it and then WWE re tweeted it
  16. Here we go again...

  17. Brad cannot survive in a compressed (Oxygen level's are really thick and low) area with little water and food for 6 days.
  18. Yep.. I don't think it's real... just wanted to update since he uploaded another similar video =)
  19. Another one... the gimmick is developing...

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