News Brad Maddox Released

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Nov 25, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

    This gimmick seemed like it would be going somewhere. Fucking WWE, looking for any excuse to fire a guy.
  2. Randy orton and Batista can clip off a live crowd but he can't say pricks?
  3. I think saying cocky pricks got him in trouble...

    John Cena calls The Rock "Miami fired, chicken shit" and he calls an untelevised crowd a group of cocky pricks and gets fired. Also, doesn't WWE write his promos?
  4. "Cocky Pricks" isn't even that bad of an insult. Seems like something you get written up for instead of flat-out fired. Makes me wonder whether this was his first infraction or not.
  5. Wait, so uhh, you try and get over on your own and you get fired. Brad should go to TNA.
  6. That's sad. I actually thought he was a decent general manager, too. But, "cocky pricks" is a bit over WWE's fine-line.
  7. Yeah, saying 'prick' is considered a bad word by folks for some reason (even though they could have easily edited out of the Smackdown broadcast by the time it aired on Thursday.) No big loss either way.
  8. He either must have had Eva Marie levels of heat backstage, or they're looking for any excuses to fire people.
    Would say the latter - reference ADR, Emma, hell even Daniel Bryan - but if it's this simple to be fired...
  9. He got released for saying that? LOLWWE

    Best of luck in your future endeavours, Brad.
  10. It was never making TV to begin with. It was a dark match. Which makes it even more sad.
  11. DB was legit strangling a guy on TV. Far worse than shoplifting, retaliating against racist comments or calling a dark crowd "cocky pricks."

    Firing probably was a little overboard but it's still understandable since Linda McMahon was running for Senate.
  12. WWE has most likely been looking to get rid of him for a while now. Keeping him off of TV and especially the road (He has to do at least the required dates in his contract) for a long long time was a pretty clear indicator of that. They were trying to make him resign just like they did with Hawkins and countless others. But he never caved so they jumped on the first best shot they got.
  13. "Sorry, creative has nothing for you"

    Lol, like a time like now would've been good to put him on tv
  14. Sounds like a major excuse just to fire someone, whom you have nothing for at the moment.
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  15. Isn't this guy a jobber?
  16. Yeah, so?
  17. Then who cares lol. I could do his job.
  18. It's not about if he was a jobber or a main eventer.

    Would you be okay if you were fired in the same way as Maddox was? Probably not.
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  19. Big Boy Balor does not appreciate jokes, nowadays.
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