Brad Maddox Responds To Phony Rosa Mendes Video

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 25, 2012.

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    ''Love, Brad'' :laugh:
  2. Woah woah. No. This is way more about some "fake-ass video some fan probably uploaded". No. I checked out the video and it's some dude with a V for Vendetta mask on saying WWE uses non-copyrighted videos and copyrights them as their own. This is bad. As some of you know, V for Vendetta mask = Anonymous. You don't want to fuck with Anonymous. I just hope nothing happens to the WWE. I'm actually pretty shooken up by this. They played footage of a supposed Rosa Mendes changing in the locker room (it's not sure since there's no face showing) but then they showed a video of Rosa getting her tattoo. What the fuck.
  3. You lost me on "Love, Brad"

  4. :shock Wow.... :eww:


    How can you get lost at the end of a quote/letter/sentence? :pity:
  5. I'm really familiar with Anonymous and don't worry it's not them at all. Anyone can be apart of Anonymous, but not anyone can possess the fire power they have. For example I can say I'm part of Anonymous and no one can argue that, but I can't say "So I'll take down the FBI site", because I wouldn't have everyone's backing.

    It's simply someone posting fake stuff to get some attention, it's not the first time they have done this, and it won't be the last. They can't do any actual harm to WWE and it certainly isn't the hacktivists "Anonymous" - they have bigger fish to fry.
  6. APA Internet security for WWE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Anonymous ain't anybody getting pass these bad boys :damn: :jbl:
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  7. [​IMG]

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  8. Bleh, if you're really sure, Crayo. I was just paranoid because I use to be one of them for a period of time during high school. I guess I do agree with you because there are so many branches of Anonymous. You have the people who say they are one of them but don't really do anything but post memes on 4chan, then you have the activists and/or hackers who actually do want to change the world for the better, and then there's the assholes who do horrible things, such as mock a kid's death and call the kid's parents saying the kid is still alive or putting an iPod on a kid's grave and taking a picture of it because the kid killed himself because he couldn't find it (there was more to it than just not finding his iPod).

    I wouldn't really go as far as saying that they can't actually do harm (unless you know something I don't) when they've done things before such as hack the PS3 for a long while and stuff like that. I just hope there really isn't a problem.
  9. Anonymous is an interesting group because they have no true organization. There is no set hierarchy within the network. Anyone can claim to be anonymous but as Crayo said not everyone has the resources or firepower to back it up.

    This guy is just a troll known for impersonating wrestlers on social media, this is not WWE's first rodeo with this guy reportedly.
  10. Anonymous didn't hack Sony, they strongly denied that. Lulzsec hacked into Sony and caused havoc, then later on Lulzsec joined forces with Anonymous to do actual hacktivist activities instead of hacking for "lulz".

    Anonymous really only do their business for the "greater good", I don't think posting fake videos on YouTube about Rosa Mendes helps change the world, lol.
  11. Oh, haha. I read about the whole PS3 thing awhile ago, I guess the article was wrong? *shrug*

    But the case the dude in the video was making was that WWE uses non-copyrighted videos and makes them their own. Which... I guess isn't a big problem so there really shouldn't be any trouble if it were true. Heh, I'm just being weird, I s'pose.
  12. Haha the article (and many others) were wrong, they all blamed Anonymous at first because they were the only known hacking groups who could really do anything. Poor Anonymous :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    It's just some mad fan having a vendetta against WWE I think. Nothing to worry about :obama:
  13. Anonymous simply doesn't care about a entertainment company like WWE. Record labels maybe, WWE not so much.

    They do bigger things like for example, they freed a member of theirs from the Mexican drug cartels by threatening to release lists of members, dealers and smugglers to the Mexican and American governments. Like Craybear said, it's a disgruntled fan with simple video editing skills.
  14. The only time Crayo will agree with me, 100% guaranteed.

    This isn't Anonymous, they're just using V for Vendetta masks.
  15. Alright, I guess you guys are right. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Sorry for cussing a bit of a fuss
  16. I'll forgive you... this time :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  17. I was worried there for a sec. :pity:
  18. Bullshit it changes little boys into men

    Before Looking at Rosa Mendes:
    :smug: I like bikes, and ice creams! Playgrounds! YIPPEE!!!!

    After looking at Rosa Mendes:

    :goatface: IM A MAN! I HAVE A BEARD!

    Face that logic and burn :otunga:
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  19. I think Brad is lying he so filmed Rosa getting naked
  20. Yeah he totally banged her after is she is such a slut
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