Brad Maddox should of helped Ryback win the title

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Brad Maddox should of helped Ryback win the title what better way to get revenge by helping the enemy
  2. I just can't stop

  3. lolno.
    It would ruin Ryback's character.
  4. :no: :no: :no: !
  5. I'm thinking about going to get some McDonalds breakfast unless someone can talk me out of it. HELP ME! Or else I'll be in route for a sausage McGriddle, Bacon&Egg mcMuffin & a hashbrown soon. someone stop me pl z
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  6. Sounds good, go for it.
  7. :no:

    You are supposed to talk me out of it.
  8. It sounds so delicious though, you know you'll enjoy it. Give you some energy to take on Crayo in FIFA later.
  9. What else is there to really eat? Might as well go for it.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. :upset:

    goddammit guys
  12. Their hash browns are the BITW, you'd be crazy not to get some. :otunga:
  13. Harvey's is probably the best place fast food in Canada imo. @"Senhor Perfect" do you agree?

    Love their burgers.

    Wth is In N Out?
  14. Harvey's is cool, but a bit on the expensive side. My favourite is A&W.
  15. In N Out is a mostly west coast chain w/ big ass burgers and fries. People put it on a pedestal because they've either never had it or had it once when they came to Cali. It's OK, but it's overrated as fuck.
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  16. Denny's is alright.
    Don't really go to A&W that often, but it's good.
  17. Portions at Denny's are massive. Do you go to the one on Courtney Park in the plaza with the mini golf, and AMC theatre.
  18. The A&W by my house has a Long John Silvers in it and I always just end up getting their chicken lol.
  19. I go there sometimes, but it's busy usually there cause of that ice cream place.

    AW, I usually get the Bacon Cheeseburger.

    I sometimes go to Five Guys as well which is in Brampton and Niagra somewhere.

    They have good shit there.

    Burger King has been kinda ehn lately.
  20. Ryback vs The Rock? I don't think we'd want to see that over CM Punk vs The Rock. Ryback getting assistance to win a match against CM Punk would make him look weak also what would CM Punk do for Royal Rumble? There's no reason for Brad Maddox to help him, too.
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