Brad Maddox should of won that award not Kofi

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. Brad Maddox should of won that award not Kofi WTF that wasent impactful walking on your hands. Brad Maddox made more impact by screwing over Ryback which nobody else had the guts to do. Brad Maddox was robbed of not winning that award
  2. Where's my money at? :tough: We bet that if The Shield didn't make as big as an impact as Maddox did I would give you my paycheck, but they did make a bigger impact. And Brad Maddox got his ass whooped and Kofi is the champion, Brad didn't deserve that award.
  3. Brad Maddox = jobber. Why are we still talking about him. We might as well have some threads on Yoshi Tatsu (who is a much better talent).
  4. Why are "we" still taking about him. "We" might as well...

    no no no. There is no "we". It is just one shithead
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  5. Fair enough, I was hoping all threads with "Brad Maddox" in the title would be blocked. Unless it was Brad Maddox gets humiliated, then released.
  6. Kofi's RR elimination escape was one of the greatest in history. I was shocked as fuck when he done that.
  7. Morrissons was better
  8. How can u say that Kofi's escape from elimination in the RR wasn't impact full it was a huge huge mark out moment for the RR and was talked about for a good few weeks after. Also it'll be remembered for a long time as one of the better escapes from elimination in a RR.
  10. You will all be jumping on his bandwagon next year when he is the top star and I will remind you all how you all hated him and what hyprocrites you are
  11. If I ever become a Brad Maddox mark, I've gone insane with the T-Virus so shoot me.
  12. Next year Brad will be jobbing to Hornswoggle and Heath Slater.
  13. ''Should of'' in the title
    ''Should have'' in the thread

    Interesting :hmm:

    Let's discuss this.
  14. Yeah... no. We're not stupid to only base wrestlers on their looks.

    Next year when Ambrose is the World Heavyweight Champion and Maddox is jobbing to Tensai, we'll be here to remind you how much of a warped perspective you have.
  15. Deathbane for the win!
  16. Kofi Kingston deserved this award. A simple "screw job" done by a rookie compared to Kofi's elimination, we can answer that for ourselves.
  17. Kofi should of been out of that Royal Rumble as he was out of the ring doesnt matter if his feet werent touching the floor his hands were and that should count

    Brad Maddox is the star here and he will prove you all wrong
  18. Re: RE: Brad Maddox should of won that award not Kofi

    Lol no, it's feet touching the floor... Don't worry though barbies rarely touched either #OnHerBackALotLongerThan3
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