Brad Maddox storyline to continue on Main Event

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 30, 2012.

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  2. Oh I'm ready to see Ryback beat him down to the ground.
  3. Main event is actually seeming like a show I should watch more.
  4. Mr. Maddox.. I cannot believe him. He needs home training. :badass:

  5. Found one of Maddox's FCW matches against Epico.

    He is pretty entertaining in the ring. lol'ing at his Ric Flair homages.
  6. Who watches Main Event? Is it comparable to Smackdown? I already watch WWE 2x a week lol and I am not planning on watching it 3x. Looks like they will have some interesting things going on there though.
  7. Main event > SmackDown.
  8. Very nice, curious to see how they'll follow it up. Not expecting anything big to come out of this as they just needed a way to protect both guys at HIAC, but curious nonetheless.
  9. Don't understand why they couldn't have revamped Smackdown into what Main Event is to be honest.
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