Brad Maddox will get that contract from helping Vickie

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. There you go peeps Brad Maddox will get that contract now from helping Vickie defeat AJ in that match. You see I told you all he would be a superstar on Raw hes on his way to the top. Also Brad Maddox will be world champion way before Ambrose lol so suck on that
  2. Brad will be fired by this time next year.
  3. He's already been destroyed by Ryback, I don't know what they can do with the character. He wasn't built up as someone who's a threat. I foresee a lot of Superstars appearances as an enhancement talent.
  4. Brad Maddox is boring. He'll get fired within 6 months for taking steroids.
  5. Maddox is obviously taking steroids. Anyone can see it
  6. lol Brad Maddox will be in the street corner with Kelly Kelly while Dean Ambrose while be in an SUV Cadillac with a non spinner WWE Championship.
    Show Spoiler

    In 2013​
    Maddox: Sir please give me money, I am being jobbed out in TNA and I have nuuu cash :sad:
    Ambrose: :nope:
  7. I'm surprised Brad Maddox is even on the show anymore. I figured once he served his purpose (to screw over Ryback and then get destroyed for it), he'd be gone unless he stuck around to keep screwing over Ryback. But we now have The Shield for that.
  8. Apparently Triple H is high on him if we are to believe the grapevine
  9. HHH is high on Brad Maddox so he wont be released. Hes gonna be pushed straight to the top. Ambrose on the other hand is getting his ass kicked at TLC then will be jobbed out more and then released along with his Shield members
  10. Maddox is obviously on steroids no way someone looks like that by just going to the gym once a week
  11. Re: RE: Brad Maddox will get that contract from helping Vickie

    So true, I bet he shares Brock's protein shakes.
  12. Hunny, I love Brad but please stop being delusional of this Maddox vs. Ambrose thing.

    I'm happy for Brad. Just be there and cheer him on, don't bash the other wrestlers.
  13. I hope Vickie will be fired for what happened last night and Brad finally gets his contract.

    I like Brad. His character is cool. I'm pulling for him to make it.
  14. Show Spoiler
    He already has one otherwise he wouldn't be on TV, but you already knew that :otunga:
  15. Kayfabe lives in everyone.
  16. thats true. silly me. I just have known better for saying that. :facepalm:
  17. I can gurantee Brad will be WWE champion before Ambrose

    Daniel Bryan didnt get the title off CM Punk when they were feuding so Ambrose stands no chance of getting the title either

    Brad is special and he will shock the world and be WWE champion when nobody expects it
  18. Brad will NEVER be WWE champion. Nothing about the guy says main event.
  19. Re: RE: Brad Maddox will get that contract from helping Vickie

    Everything does, his raw charisma and 5 star matches say so... Plus his abs :gusta:
  20. You mean his steroid abs?
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