Brad Maddox

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. :dawg: bet you didn't expect me to make this thread did you?

    Well I just wanna lay down my opinion on Maddox, a honest opinion on him since he gets hate here from troll posts.

    Personally I think WWE could use someone like this. Of course he isn't the best guy, but neither is he the worst. He has a good look for wrestling, he can sell real good, and he has decent mic skills. He can be something good for the midcard if built up right, I just don't see him going anywhere near the main event picture. I don't believe he's as bad as we say he is, it's just that comparing him to the likes of Ambrose and Rollins is unfair, which isn't really his fault though. He has an interesting character, the show boy who will do anything for a contract, as Teddy says he's hungry, his character is a hungry character, he will do anything to try and get that contract, and that's not a bad thing. It show determination, and heart, and many other things. He isn't the best, but I believe he could help the WWE a little if they add him to the midcard picture since he's been getting attention and he could give that division more attention as well. That's all. So what's your guy's true opinion on him?
  2. Honestly, it's still too early. We have pretty much nothing to base a solid opinion of him yet. That's why BrockLesnarFanForLife pisses me off so much. All of his matches are of him getting thrown around by all these Superstars without much fighting back. That's all it is right now. Yes, he does have potential, I noticed it ever since HiaC when he took that throw to the cage by Ryback. Other than that, I can't really say much else.
  3. That's why I say he isn't good enough for the main event picture, but he has the stuff for midcard. He also has decent attention, which can be used good for that division as well.
  4. Then, yeah. I s'pose. :true:

  5. :haha: This is a honest discussion. I said he wasn't the best. He's not good enough to top a lot of people in the roster in my opinion. I'm just saying he can be used.
  6. Same here, brony. :smug:
  7. I acutally hate that term. :true: I hate the idea of being labeled anything, I enjoy lots of things equally, I do not stay on one fan base, nor do I need a name to make me feel special for liking something. I'll take TMB, Farooq, KokiriWhoDat, or my real name, but not anything pertaining to a fan base of anykind, WWE, DBZ, music, MLP, or anything else. A side note though, when I went to do a course with the Marines they gave me the nickname Guns N' Roses :smug: so you can call me that too :yes:
  8. My true opinion of Brad Maddox is that he had his 15 mintues of fame are over and he will become a jobber or low mid cardder. It happens to fair number of superstars.
  9. Lol, I understand but it doesn't mean you can't like anything else.

    And plus, it simply just means a fan of MLP, IMO. I don't know why everyone just defines brony as those super creepy hardcore fans who post pony pr0nz on 4chan and reads MLP fanfiction.
  10. Looks like he'll have to join Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel's team. :maybe:
  11. Indeed I think that is disturbing and weird. :eww:

    Now let's get back on topic :smug: How long do you think this whole "get a contract" thing will last?
  12. Not too long. I can't really imagine them carrying it out for too long. And, I mean, he has his own Youtube show on the WWE Youtube channel for fuck sakes. :haha:

    I smell a Maddox/Ryder feud from a mile away.
  13. I never watch WWE Youtube. Is Maddox's show any good? How many viewers does he get?
  14. It's alright, I've seen it a few times. I think he has a few thousand if anything, the view count might have gone up though since it was mentioned a few times on WWE shows now.
  15. Farooq, BFFFL is going to be your best friend now. Enjoy being adored by a young girl, I'm sure Deth will be jealous :lol1:
  16. I love Brad Maddox he is gorgeous, is talented and is the future of the WWE

    Thank you Farooq for making this thread
  17. Entertaining enough guy who'll never go any further than the midcard. He's fine.
  18. Yeah, he's alright. Can sell and can speak to an extent, decent midcarder.
  19. Called it! :win:

  20. He won't get further up the card than United states or tag champion in my opinion. He's a comedic character/mid carder in my opinion. And that isn't a bad thing. Mid carders are needed to make the top guys look good. Look at Brooklyn Brawler, made his career as a jobber but one of the most loved wrestlers of all time.
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