Brad Maddox

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Surprise, this isn't a BLFFL thread. I legitimately enjoy Maddox. He plays his character well and I laugh at his shit all the time.

    Just thought I'd make this thread so you could flame away. Let the shitting on me commence
  2. I actually said last night in the discussion thread that I'm beginning to enjoy him. His expressions are gold and he just has that it factor about him. But, he was God awful last night.
  3. I'm not mad at you D'Z, I'm just disappointed :sad:
  4. :damnn:
  5. I said he would be good in a manager role. Member that Senhor?
  6. If it didn't happen before '97 I don't remember it :otunga:
  7. He's not awful, not great.
  8. Gotta search for the comment now... :mad2:
  9. Not too bad but he need something to make it interesting
  10. I think everyone hating on Maddox on here was really just hating on BLFFL, lmfao.

    I saw he had some potential from the beginning. Farooq started a thread somewhere about Maddox way back when around the time he debuted, no BLFFL bs (unless she joined in later on, don't really remember).

    Anyway, the dude is weird, dorky and random as hell. I'm still not sure whether to facepalm or praise him for "Brickie" because the usage of the word does make me feel awkward as hell and that was probably the point.
  11. I would never base my opinion of someone off some broad, and her opinion on said person.
  12. I don't think it was like that exactly. I think it was more people just trolling BLFFL and not seriously thinking Maddox sucks only because she would pay him so she could suck his cock.
  13. These crafty interwebbers with their subliminal messages.
  14. how do i interweb
  15. How did you think that was about you?
  16. because i accidentally the post button. :upset: i hope i didnt do anything wrong. :sad:
  17. :idontcare:
  18. Care about me, Danny! :why:
  19. Danny's gone rogue :sad:
  20. :maybe:

    lol I have no idea what we're talking about anymore.

    Love ya, and Brad Maddox is decent.
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