Bradford defeat Arsenal on penalties

Discussion in 'Sports' started by seabs, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. So yeah everyone lol @ the gunners here, a great giant killing for Bradford and into the semis
  2. Lmao, that Piers tweet is class, btw Crayo who knocked United out? not fishing here just I don't actually know, only one "big" team left.
  3. Re: RE: Bradford defeat Arsenal on penalties

    Was it City? Can't remember actually now.
  4. That's what I was thinking too but wasn't sure, amazed we're still in there although we don't have a chance against Swansea imo.
  5. Everton > United
    Arsenal are really bad right now.
  6. Chelsea knocked our youth team out in extra time.

    United > Solidus
  7. Wasn't it 5 4 or something lol?
  8. I was being serious though.
    Though United have still got some really good old guys, Robert Scholes is awesome.
  9. > Comments on how good a team is
    > Says their biggest legends name wrong

    Paul Scholes, lol. United are 6 points clear, top of the league :pity1:

    Unless you mean this guy:

    I want Swansea to win the Carling Cup, or Middlesbrough.
  10. Andrew Rooney is better.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. We caught a big one! :troll:
  13. Re: RE: Bradford defeat Arsenal on penalties

    He looks like something out of the muppets...
  14. I don't want to even think about that at the moment, if we beat Swansea and draw Bradford then maybe, even though they just beat Aresnal we SHOULD still beat them if we played them, if we got to the semis that would be incredible, if Leeds knock Chelsea out and we beat Swansea (do able but very unlikely) then Villa are the only Prem team left, and considering how bad they are at the minute anything could happen, if we lose tonght though we still beat Sunderland so I don't care. :otunga:
  15. Thats what happens when you fill your team with young players. Arsenal lacks class.
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