News Bram arrested on domestic battery and false imprisonment

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Damn. It's like he's living his gimmick.

    The good thing is, Charlotte wasn't involved in this incident.
  2. Bram and cops, round two.
  3. But is there any news with new contract, smh?
  4. He just signed a multi year prison sentence
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  5. bram is hot
  6. I'm sure some inmates will have the same opinion.
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  7. What state? I need to be his cell mate :psycho:
  8. Well, he was arrested in the state of Florida, so he may do his time there.
  9. What a fucking idiot.
    Honestly, if TNA had any backbone, just let the guy go. He assaulted a cop when he was signed with WWE and now this?
  10. Yeah, TNA should let him go. Not like he's the ace of the company or anything.
  11. It was apparenty involving his new girlfriend, on charges of 'domestic battery by strangulation' and false imprisonment.

    What a catch....
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  12. A member of TNAMecca weighs in on the situation.

    "Let him beat his woman, bring Bram back!"
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  13. LOL, - the only place where high quality folks can be found
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    As noted, TNA star Thomas Latimer, a.k.a. Bram, was arrested for domestic battery and false imprisonment on Sunday morning in Gulfport, Florida. Courtesy of, above his mugshot.

    SEE ALSO: WWE NXT Wrestler Released Following Arrest

    Latimer was released today on $5000 bond for the domestic battery by strangulation charge, and another $1000 bond for the false imprisonment charge.

    TNA announced yesterday that they had suspended Latimer indefinitely while they work "to gather facts and obtain additional information related to the arrest."

    Below are details of the arrest, courtesy of The Gulfport Police Department:

    Professional Wrestler Arrested on Domestic Violence Charges

    Gulfport, FL—On 8/30 at approximately 6:00 AM, officers responded to a call about a disturbance in an apartment at 3205 58th Street South. There they encountered Thomas R. Latimer and a woman who identified herself as his girlfriend.

    The officers observed evidence indicative of a physical altercation, and their investigation revealed that, after the couple had been arguing, the woman felt threatened and sought refuge in her bedroom.

    Latimer followed her into the bedroom, closed the door, and refused to allow her to leave. He then pushed the woman onto the bed and was holding her down by her neck.

    Latimer, who is a wrestler with TNA Impact Wrestling, was charged with domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment. Both are felony charges, and he is currently being held in the Pinellas County Jail.
  15. "This is normal."

    Obviously you're soft if you disapprove domestic violence.
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  16. Bram apparently has a history of being heavy on the drink and other substances and his violence problem isn't anything new.

    So by TNA standards he's a perfect fit I guess. This is the same company who sent a totally out of it Jeff Hardy out to main event.
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  17. I will only date guys that beat the living daylights out of me. It's a dealbreaker....
  18. Kinky
  19. Charlotte Reportedly Still Legally Married To Bram

  20. He didn't get fired yet?
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