Brand Split to totally die?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, May 17, 2012.

  1. Obviously with the supershow having gone on for over half a year now, there only being one GM between the brands, and having interpromotional fueds all the time now is the brand split dead?

    One more thing in addition to that as well - with Raw seemingly going to be 3 hours long now - does that suggest that they need more time because all the SD! stars will be on there as well?

    I think it could be very close on the horizon personally.. what's everyone else's thoughts?
  2. I think they did all of this to kill the brand split without taking away the fact from most fans that there is no Smackdown because people still love Smackdown.
  3. The brand split is pretty much dead already. Everyone is always on both shows, so it means nothing. Raw having three hours probably has something to do with that, I think we'll see lots of Smackdown stars on Raw from now on.
  4. Yes and no. It's basically dead but technically it's not.

    It's like football teams 10 points clear with 4 games to go, you know they're going to win but it's mathematically possible for them to lose. If the brand split is indeed going to end, they need to make it a story-line, not just ease us into it like most of the retarded feud-endings.
  5. Knowing WWE, it they want to end the brand extension, they'll just pretend it never existed.
  6. I was nearly in favor of a half hour show dedicated to the Divas, instead of having Smackdown. I used to love Smackdown, but TNA uses their Knockouts so well. If Steph can turn Vickie into a spaz, who knows what she could do with a better advertising and a half hour show just for the girls.

    Silly me
  7. Change SD to a show for mid-carders. :dawg:
  8. No matter how much you spice up the divas division; no one would want to sit through 30 minutes of it. That's my two cents anyway.
  9. Thanks for your input and you may have a point there. I had a hunch it could revolve more around jealousy and petty fighting thing that we girls tend to like but are afraid to admit. Obviously it would more women oriented.
  10. Unless those 30 minutes are filled with Bra & Panties or Gravy Bowl match, probably not. :dawg: Other than that Divas division is almost as bad as Womens' Basketball.
  11. A 30-minute divas show? Well, now there's something that is a challenge for me to sit through.
  12. Not sure how many piss breaks and food breaks a guy can have.
  13. Plus, for you to take a break, you need to be doing something, watching a show, anything. This would be a 30-minute break from what exactly?
  14. Life itself that's what. A thirty minute divas show would either be a thirty minute piss break or a 30 minute fap challenge. :obama:
  15. A 30-minute fap challenge...

  16. Grrr
  17. I didn't think my banter would go down with you. But I bossed it anyway :boss1:.

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