Brandi Rhodes returning to the WWE

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Nov 1, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Mad props on the Triforce boots.
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  2. Cody= Link
    Brandi= Zelda

  3. WTF this girl quit WWE and now they hire her back she clearly has no passion as she quit in the first place she better not get pushed over Paige just cos shes married to Cody
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  4. Brandi is fucking gorgeous, and clearly one cool lady with those epic Triforce boots. I enjoy her tweets about Cody. They're a cute couple.
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  5. This could be good or bad, She could be a real success and have skill or she could be a KK situation.
  6. Seeing her fine ass on my TV every week could only be good.
  7. She's probably returning to spend more time with Cody...
  8. Yeah, she's missing out on some ding-a-ling while he's on the road.
  9. Calm down,'s only smoke and mirrors.


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  10. Ive read news that shes gonna be fast tracked to the main roster WTF this isnt right she probably cant even wrestle yet you have Paige who is ready and should be on the main roster
  11. Its obviously a big steaming pile of bullshit, They wont fast track someone who has been training for 8 days to the main roster, she may become a manager though but trusting your facebook "sources" I wouldn't count on it.
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  12. IDGAF
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  13. Kelly Kelly couldn't wrestle.....She used 'Other' Means of getting onto the main roster.....
    Also, As Adam said....Don't believe your crappy sources.....WWE aren't that brain dead.....they won't put someone on the roster after a few days in development....
    Give it a couple of months. Also, Every post I see about a diva or NXT is "Paige should be Called up" and "Paige is better then ___".....God you are annoying.....
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  14. I'd like to fast track myself into a boner if Brandi Rhodes would bend over and spread her buttcheeks for me. K thx Brandi. Very nice. Very nice indeed. That is a butt hole.
  15. Well, alright, no harm there. Never seen her work so I can't judge.
  16. lol I need to apologize for the sexually explicit posts about Cody's wife. She's a classy lady. I just wonder what her undercarriage looks like.

    Probably well groomed. Ok see there I go again...
  17. He's hot, but I haven't seen her in the ring yet...
  18. I've never seen her before but it looks like Cody picked a winner. I approve.
  19. Barbie can wrestle and she didnt sleep around she worked her ass off the minute she was signed
  20. dude you weren't there. I get you're a fan, but maybe just tone it back a hair or two. Wrestling is a freak show, and it's not uncommon for men or women to suck some dicks to get a job. I don't know if Kelly Kelly did or didn't, but her current vocation leads me to lean towards "did". That and the stories from wrestlers who were there. I know at least Batista hit it, but Batista fucks everything that moves so that's not exactly a mark against Kelly Kelly.
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