Hell in a Cell Braun Cashing In

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by edge4ever, Aug 28, 2018.

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  1. I get the feeling that Braun is losing his cash in attempt. Roman just won the title, I don’t see him losing it already. So, that leaves us with Braun losing his cash in attempt inside hell in a cell.... beyond idiotic.

    They should’ve pulled the trigger on letting Braun win a little while ago. He’s a perfect candidate, but the more they drag this out, the more Braun will look weak if you ask me. Sure, he’s doesn’t “need” the title, yet I do feel he kind of does. It seems overdue. It would give him a little credibility in the main event scene. And, it would be nice to see him have a run with it for a while.

    Idk, I just have a feeling we’re getting another wasted opportunity because of Roman reigns “needing” to have the spotlight.

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  2. The idea and execution of Braun cashing in before hand to set up a HIAC match with Roman Reigns is pretty fucking good to be honest. Great descion WWE!

    Roman Vs Braun in a HIAC is a match I wanna see.
  3. Sure, I’d want to see if Braun was actually winning, but we know damn well it’s prob not happening.
  4. I would prefer Roman to retain tbh. That's just because I hate short title reigns.

    Braun losing isn't that bad. Not like he is Damien Sandow, who will never get a world title match ever again. As long as Braun gets screwed or something then I think it's ok. The match is going to be a great
  5. [​IMG]

    Seriously...how much is the WWE paying you?

    Strowman failing to cash in would put a black mark on the
    rest of career, give the fans one more reason to spew venom
    & hatred at the Plank of Wood & would clearly seem like one
    big middle finger to the fan base in general.

    But hey...maybe that's the idea...

    Maybe its the WWE punishing its audience for getting behind
    Strowman in the first place...when they clearly should have been
    cheering for Roman instead of the guy who looks like a forest
    dwelling serial killer.

    No wonder the WWE seems like a giant, disorganized mess...
    they can't even get the "top of the card" right...so what chance
    does anyone else really have?
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  6. If Braun's whole entire career is ruinined because he loses a match, in most likely screwy fashion, then he is the drizzling shits.
  7. There is a big difference between a standard defeat & failing a cash in.

    Wait...hang on...

    So the Match at Hell in a Cell counts as Braun's cash in? Like RVD did
    against Cena all those years ago?
  8. I feel that Braun losing his cash in, even in a cheap fashion, makes him look beyond weak. And, makes the MITB win pointless for him. Him losing is one thing, him failing to cash in successfully and losing the biggest match of his career is another.
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  9. Yep I think so. He gave the case to Baron.
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  10. So...it turns the cash in into a regular Hell in a Cell title
    match & makes the men's MitB completely pointless.


    Its almost like the WWE wanted to get that case off of
    Braun as quickly as possible now the Plank of Wood
    has the Universal title & Braun had served his role as
    a "hook" to make the fans care about the SummerSlam
    main event.


    Am I the only one who see's this bullshit for what it truly is?

    And of course the Plank of Wood is going over...& the WWE
    can use the excuse of "Well Strowman technically won their
    last feud (which he did)...so Roman had to win this time"
  11. I don't know. It makes sense for Braun to cash in at HIAC, so Dean and Seth don't interfere. There's a reason for the beforehand cash in, just like there was a reason for RVD's beforehand cash in.
  12. I’m all for the beforehand cash in. Inside hell in a cell makes sense as far as Braun just having Roman. But, it seems like he’s going to lose.... and it’s like really? After all this with Braun and him being a true, loved face, we get him getting pushed over by plank of wood
  13. You can't blame them for booking the match tbf. Maybe they shouldn't of put the mitb on Braun. Maybe they should of had Strowman win the title at Summer Slam. Maybe they can do something at HIAC that benefits all parties involved.
  14. Braun is not loosing, don't worry about that.. Roman will get the title back eventually.. Him winning the Universal title was mostly about finally defeating the beast Brock Lesnar. Roman can lose this match and he will.

    Nobody should fail to cash in unless there's a bigger story to be told. It's a huge waste. Somebody like Strowman is not going to fail.
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  15. So there is uncertainty of who is going to win. So we have a match where it's must win for both guys and the winner isn't obvious. Sounds good.

    Personally I think Roman is winning for sure
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    Yeah...it doesn't guarantee no interference...
    as past track records will clearly show.

    I'd actually be all for Ambrose, Rollins, Ziggler
    & McIntyre getting involved in the match...seeing
    as Strowman vs. Reigns has already been done
    to death.

    Have a spot where Strowman powerslams
    Roman through the side of the cell, breaking
    it open...then have Ambrose, Rollins, Ziggler
    & McIntyre all sprint to the ring & it devolves into
    a complete chaotic 3 on 3 brawl with weapons,
    tables & all kinds of fun stuff.

    Then they can write whatever finish they want...
    say Rollins or Ambrose accidentally cost Reigns
    the title...or Ziggler & McIntyre help Strowman...
    or Reigns spears all 3 of them & pins all 3 of them
    to retain while the crowd boo him out of the building.

    Whatever...I mean I'm not watching the match
    anyway...but at least do something interesting
    with it.

    I'm hoping they let Becky & Charlotte have a
    match in the cell...although apparently Vince
    hated the last women's HIAC...placing the blame
    squarely on Sasha for its...flaws.

    That's just a rumor of course.


    Its a real shame Charlotte & Sasha had their best
    matches on RAW instead of the pay per views.

    It just seems kind of pointless...it just makes it
    a "normal" match...its not special or exciting that
    way...at least it isn't to me.

    They could have booked Strowman/Reigns at
    Hell in a Cell without the briefcase.
  17. Is Braun a heel? Feels like he has had the excact same moral compass that he has always had. He has always been a dick head
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  18. Now I think about it more...what Braun did last night was completely justified. Just because he aligned himself him with heels doesn't make him a heel, cuz he is Strowman. He doesn't give a fuck. He just did the same exact thing Roman did to him last week. How the fuck is this a heel turn? There is blood on the hands of everyone involved because the storyline is a war ffs.
  19. I have been reading online and people have put up the idea that the match at Hell in a Cell is just a normal booked title match made by Corbin as GM, and not a cash in, and that he we will fulfill Braun's request of "bringing the case to HiaC" but he will either give it to himself (makes more sense) or KO (they are chummy but why not just give it to himself?) to cash in on the winner of the match.

    The crowd will cheer if Roman beats Braun and then gets cashed in on to lose his title, defeating the purpose of a heel doing heel things to get boos as a heel. So maybe they will have Braun win and then get cashed in on. If it is KO who gets to cash in it would make more sense for Braun to win, as it is effectively him getting his revenge and doing what he promised to do - take Braun's briefcase and destroy his life like Braun tried to destroy Owen's.