WrestleMania Braun is going to kill Taker

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. Literally-- I know Vince likes big guys, but I'd rather them call up Baron to take on The Undertaker. Anybody but Braun, and what? Him beating Big Show is supposed to build him for Taker? That won't even be as good as Show/Rowan, and that's saying something.

    Sami looks busy in NXT right now, doubt he'll be called up to feud with Owens for WM. What about him? And he shouldn't be facing Styles at WM, neither of them can afford to lose. So what about Styles? There's two choices 1000xs better than Braun, and then there's Baron like I mentioned.

    I just don't want to see Taker die in the ring, or myself die watching it.
  2. everybody will do better than strwoman hahaah
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  3. I wouldn't give up on the match being Cena vs Taker... John can work injured, Taker can keep him safe, and it'll turn out a hell of a lot better than this pile of fecal matter on a plate
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  4. I would love to see Owens vs Taker. Although I'm probably still in Steen Fan Boy mode.
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    Owens would be the best choice. Especially because he deserves to have a big main event oppurtunity like that and within the company it doesn't get much bigger then doing Mania with Taker. Strowman doesn't deserve any kind of main event rub. Strowman belongs in the Andre Battle Royale.
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  6. Hell fuckin' no! Braun is awful. Book anyone other than him against Taker, please.

    How about that Kane vs Taker match, eh? They both retire after WM 32. Hell, throw in Big Show, too.
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  7. Kevin Owens feels like the duct tape of the WWE at this point.

    "Shit, we need a credible opponent for Taker and everyone else is hurt! Who is there?... KO."
    "AJ Styles needs an opponent to have an awesome match with? Who should it be?... Owens, maybe?"
    "This card needs a better match on it! We need Zayn vs Owens!"
    "Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt could have a great match, but could you imagine if it was against Owens instead?"
    "Damn, Jericho could face Kevin Owens, we know they could work magic together."
    "LOL Roman going over Hunter will be a disaster... Fuck it, Owens for top face"
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  8. lol No one's gonna die in the ring... Not that those of us with a morbid sense of humor wouldn't have a good laugh at The Dead Man dying in the ring for real, but still. If The Undertaker can survive Lesnar, he can survive Strowman. I really don't see anything that Braun can do that would put Taker's health at a serious risk. He has a very basic move-set.

    Kind of ironic though, that Taker's worst Wrestlemania match in history (yes, potentially even worse than his one with Giant Gonzales at WM9) has to be one that happens in his home-state of Texas at the so-called biggest Mania of all time. Even more ironic is the fact that the last time Mania was in Texas, we saw what was probably Taker's greatest WM match ever when he faced HBK at WM25.

    I still hope Cena can make it back in time to work with Taker. He didn't exactly wait around to get surgery on his shoulder and there's already photos of him working out strenuously in the gym again. Or if he can't, that they roll with KO vs The Dead Man instead. Even if Owens had to job, fuck it, he's already jobbing to Dolph Ziggler and Neville on Raw and he'd probably be jobbing to Styles or Sami Zayn if he faced either one of them instead, so you might as well lay down for Taker. Plus, saying you faced John Cena in your first match and The Undertaker at your first Wrestlemania is a pretty cool accolade, no?
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  9. all you people do is complain ffs. Braun is the man.
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  10. I'm on the KO vs Taker @ WM side of this discussion.

    Not huge on Strowman by any means.
  11. Braun is the shits dude, he should only be there for looks. He shouldn't be wrestling any matches, much less a high profile match against Taker.
  12. Now I don't know the guy, but just from what I've read/heard Undertaker wanted the streak broken. He's got an old-school mentality and wants to put someone over on the way out. That's great, but him putting over Lesnar hasn't really done much long-term now, has it? (granted the plan was for Lesnar to break the Streak, destroy Bryan, then fall to Reigns... lol) but if Taker would put over KO on the way out the door, that would do so much for him, right?

    I'm not as bothered by Strowman as most, he can stick in his current role as long as he wants. That's great. He adds variety. But it's not like he's gonna main event
  13. What worries me is Strowmans lack of experience. He doesn't wrestle many singles matches and never done a Wrestlemania. I could see him getting nervous and ahead of himself and try to look like a powerhouse and end up injuring Taker. Then Undertaker will end up like Sting.
  14. You must have missed the part where Ryan Braun winks at you.
  15. Phone took too long to load, yellow text would've helped.
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  16. Yeah, Taker offered the Streak to a few people before Brock was chosen to end it (Kane, Orton, Angle, Batista I think as well...), so I don't think he has any particular problem putting someone over at WM. It's really Vince's call.

    Problem is, it's safe to assume that Taker will probably never lose at WM again until the year he retires, and despite many people assuming that he will this year, there's been no strong rumors or conformation of that being the case. So I fully expect him to win regardless of whom he faces. (He would have put over Lesnar had they waited till WM to do Brock/Taker III, but that's just putting over the guy you already lost to, which is different. Then again, maybe the reason they blew the feud off at HIAC was because Taker was thinking about hanging it up at 32 and was gonna let his greatest nemesis Brock lesnar be the man to do it, but then he changed his mind. I seriously doubt they'll let an entirely different superstar go over him until he's absolutely sure he's reached the end of his career, though.)

    As far as Strowman goes, I don't mind him per se, since he makes a unique addition to the Wyatt Family, but being the colossus of the group is really the only reason I care about him. Off on his own with the same strong booking, I probably wouldn't give a shit about him at all. Him vs Taker still sounds awful.
  17. Think Styles vs Undertaker would be a really good match up. First off, you get a pretty good tag line; The Phenom vs The Phenomal One. And we all know how Vince loves taglines. Second of all, if Styles lost it wouldn't hurt him. Imagine Taker shaking his hand after their match, win or lose. That's a nice first WM moment for AJ.
  18. He survived Lesnar, he'll be fine.
  19. Idk why Taker is still around though.
  20. That fat Wrestlemania pay check every year
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